USA Spirit Nationals

April 30 – May 2, 2021

About USA Spirit Nationals – Celebrating 36 Years in 2021!

USA Spirit Nationals began in 1986, bringing together competitors from the cheerleading, song/pom, mascot and pep flag activities. The event takes place in Anaheim, CA and draws teams from throughout the western United States, and farther. Over 7,500 competitors and nearly 15,000 spectators are expected over this fun-filled and exciting weekend, vying for the Champion title in one over 50 different divisions. This competition is unique for the variety of teams it brings together, unifying all types of spirit teams under one roof.

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View our 2020-21 Spirit Competition Brochure

View our 2020-21 Spirit Competition Brochure

2021 Spirit Nationals Information

2020-2021 USA Spirit Divisions, Rules & Scoring

Please visit our Division, Rules & Scoring page to view the 2020-2021 competition information:




Safety is our priority for your competition experience.  We are deeply committed to the safety and well-being of our athletes, performers, coaches and spectators.  We are prepared to administer a competition that will meet the state and local guidelines related to COVID-19 at the time of the event.  While the final details and schedule of any competition could require up to the day of adjustments, and all guidelines are subject to change based on Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”), federal, state and local guidance, please be assured that Varsity Spirit is committed to delivering the same quality of competition experience for which we are known.  We appreciate your understanding of the flexibility this will require.  By accepting the Terms and Conditions as the authorized person from my program I agree and acknowledge to abide by the COVID-19 Varsity Competition Rules.


USA is happy to work with our housing partner, Team Travel Source, to provide hotel arrangements for your team.  Although it is not a requirement to go through Team Travel Source to attend the event, we highly recommend this as they are experts in working with teams to meet your housing needs.  For more information or to book rooms, please click HERE


The USA is working in conjunction with ALTOUR to arrange the most convenient flights for you at the best possible prices.  They will research the cost of flights to and from airport that are nearest to Anaheim and that will best accommodate your needs.  They will then contact your school representative with possible cost and payment procedures.  We advise you to contact the travel agency early as many airline rates are based on 7, 14, and 21-day advance purchases and the best fares sell out quickly.  In most cases, flights are full by the end of January.  In addition, working through ALTOUR may allow you to receive a group travel discount.  ALTOUR will work with all major airlines.  For a quote contact ALTOUR at 1-866-719-0379 or submit an on-line request at


All participant and coach wristbands will be included in the team’s registration packet.

All coaches attending the event must be on a team roster.  Up to two (2) complimentary coach/advisor wristbands per team (excluding group stunt, mascot, Game Day and Crowdleader™ Teams, unless that is the only team competing) will be provided based on the number of coaches on the registration. Up to two (2) additional coaches’ wristbands per team may be purchased in advance through the team registration if the coaches are on the team roster.


Event admission can be purchased at the Anaheim Convention Center.  Multi-day admission for family and guests can be purchased in advance, at the event or with the school registration.  Single day adult event admission and child admission is not sold in advance and only may be purchased at the event site during the competition.  Cash only is accepted for general admission tickets purchased at the event.  

One-Day Admission
(valid only on Friday or Saturday or Sunday)
$26.00 (adults)
$11.00 (children ages 5 – 11)
Under five (5) will be admitted free of charge

All Weekend Wristband
(provides admission to all competition spectator venues on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)
$52.00 (adults)
$22.00 (children ages 5 – 11)
Under five (5) will be admitted free of charge 


Typically, performance order is based on the registration date.  The first registration entered will be the last to perform in that division and the last registration entered will be the first to perform in that division. Adjustments may be necessary due to division/team conflicts.

If payment is not received by the deadline, then performance order will be affected and determined by when payment is received.

All teams will be given an assigned check-in and warm-up time prior to competition.  Warm up areas will vary depending on the competition location.

The contact on the registration will be emailed a tentative line up with performance times at least 2 weeks prior to the competition.  These times are subject to change.  The final schedule will be available by checking after 5:00 PM (PST) the Wednesday prior to the competition.  As of this day, performance times usually remain the same regardless of scratches.  It is the advisor/coach’s responsibility to check the schedule for accuracy of divisions, team size, etc. prior to the day of competition.


All Show Cheer and Crowdleader™ Teams will perform on a carpet bonded foam mat measuring 42’ (front to back) x 54’ (side to side). All stunts and/or tumbling must be completed on the mat surface.  There will be a three-point deduction off your final averaged score for each infraction of this rule.  Group Stunt teams will perform on carpet bonded foam mat, measuring at least 28’ (front to back) x 42’ (side to side) – four (4) strips.  Song/Pom, Song/Jazz, Pep Flag, and Mascot categories/divisions will perform on a basketball court, dance floor, or similar surface measuring at least 42’ x 42’.  Performance areas may change as a result of final registration.


Routines at all USA competitions must follow the NFHS Spirit Rules Book (cheer), 2020-21 USA High School Teams Show Cheer and Group Stunt Division Limitations (cheer), 2020-21 USA Song/Pom and Pep/Short Flag General Safety Rules for School and Rec Teams and the 2020-21 USA High School Teams Song/Pom Division Limitations.

Points will be deducted from the final team average for violations of safety rules and/or time limits.

For specific safety rules for divisions, as well as time restrictions, skill restrictions, and other rules, please refer to the USA website at


Teams may use as many songs in the music portion of their routine as they like. Music rules are being followed at all USA and Varsity Brands events.  Competition music must be properly licensed and a team must be able to provide proof of licensing at any event where the music is used.  If a team cannot provide proof of licensing immediately upon request, the team may be disqualified from the event.   For further details visit

Music is defined as any recorded sound amplified through the competition sound system.

A sound system will be provided.  Speed control is not available.  Music checks on the main sound system are not permitted.  A representative must be present at the sound system at the time of performance.  Advisors/coaches are asked to hold onto their own music until the time of performance and to take music back following the performance.

All teams must provide their own MP3 device (or smart phone if necessary) for use on the event provided sound system. Music must be recorded at the correct tempo.  Although it is not recommended due to interference that may be caused during a routine, a smart phone may be used for playing music.  No cover may be on any MP3 player or smart phone so that a patch cord may be easily inserted into the device.  Please ensure that jacks are clean and free of any debris which may impact connectivity.  You must ensure that your device has a jack into which a patch cord may be inserted.  Note that you will need to acquire an adapter in advance if your player does not have a head phone jack.  One or several selections of music may be used, if they follow the music licensing rules.


Group Stunt finals will take place on the same day of the preliminaries.  If either Group Stunt category has 10 or more entries for preliminaries, then finals will take place with 25% of that division advancing.  If either category reaches 40 entries or more for preliminaries, the category will be randomly subdivided into two groups for preliminaries (A and B or A, B, and C, etc.).  25% of each subdivided group will be selected to perform again in finals.


All divisions have the potential to advance to Saturday/Sunday finals, excluding Group Stunt. For All Novice including Pep Flag Novice and Intermediate, 35% of the division will advance to finals with a minimum of two (2) teams advancing. For ALL Advanced divisions, Pep Flag 1 Flag, Pep Flag 2 Flags, and the Mascot division, 45% of the division will advance to finals, with a minimum of two (2) teams advancing. For Crowdleader™ Teams division, all teams will advance to finals. Please note the percentage of teams advancing to finals is subject to change pending final enrollment for Nationals.


At the conclusion of the Group Stunt divisions, awards will be presented to the top teams.  The teams receiving first place in both Group Stunt Advanced and Group Stunt Intermediate will be invited to present an exhibition performance during finals on Saturday.

At the conclusion of all other divisions, preliminary awards will be presented based on scores for the preliminary performances and finalists will be announced.  The number of teams in the various divisions will determine the number of teams chosen to participate in the finals.  Changes in the number of teams performing in prelims, up to and including the day of prelims, will impact the number of teams advancing to finals.  These teams will compete again for final placement and awards.  Preliminary scores will count for 30% and finals scores will count for 70% toward final competition results in all divisions.  Scoresheets will be made available following the Friday and Saturday performances.  A ranking of teams will be provided following preliminaries at the event.

For the 2021 USA High School Spirit Nationals competition, trophies will be presented to 50% of the teams competing in each division. For teams placing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, individual medallions will be given to each participant.  First place teams will also receive a Nationals banner and each individual team participant will receive a National Champions gift.


We recommend that every team send a video of the stunts and tumbling that are choreographed in the routine that will be performed at Nationals.

It is the coach’s responsibility to ensure a routine is penalty-free. Do not rely on choreographers, or prior rulings from USA, or other Varsity competitions, to be your final determination on legalities. Unfortunately, penalties are not always caught during live Regional/Open/Classic performances. Emailing a video is the best method to avoid these oversights.

It is the policy of the United Spirit Association not to give any final rule interpretations over the phone and/or via e-mail without a video of the stunt(s) or tumbling in question.

All videos must be emailed to the USA office by February 12, 2021.

All videos must include the following:

  1. Name of the School and Division Level in the Subject Line of the email.
  2. Videos should be in either Windows Media Player or Quicktime formats
  3. Clear, close up view of skill(s) in question
  4. Include your name, team name, USA competitive division, e-mail address and phone number in the body of the email.

Cheerleading videos should be emailed to Cheryl Moon at

Song/Pom and Pep Flag videos should be emailed to Carina Clendenin at

If any of your skills are of major concern, please communicate that in the email and video that portion of the routine from different angles so we get a complete view.

USA will contact you by February 26, 2021 to inform you of the results of your “safety rules” video review.  If you do not hear from us by February 26, 2021 please call the USA office to ensure that your email was received.

If you make changes in your routine after the video has been approved you may send a second video following the same procedure. These emails will be viewed as first come, first served and all videos may not be able to be addressed before the event.

For specific cheerleading stunt and safety questions that pertain to the 2020-21 NFHS Spirit Rules Book, or to the 2020-21 High School Teams Show Cheer and Group Stunt Division Limitations please call Cheryl Moon at 1-800-886-4872 ext. 2039 or e-mail

For specific song/pom, song/jazz or pep flag/short flag safety questions that only pertain to the USA Song/Pom/Jazz Pep Flag Safety Rules, or to the 2020-21 Song/Pom, Pep Flag Division Limitations please call Carina Clendenin at1-800-886-4872 ext. 2023 or e-mail


Information on 2021 events coming soon…



For information about the 2021 USA Spirit Nationals event, click HERE!

For the 2021 USA Spirit Nationals Supplemental Registration Packet (SRP), click HERE!



Information on 2021 events coming soon…



Information on 2021 events coming soon…



  • Teams that compete virtually will not compete against teams that are performing in-person.
  • All Spirit divisions will be offered. Please note, depending on the size of the virtual competition, divisions will be split according to the age grid criteria.
  • Visit to view our 2020-2021 division grids.


  • All teams can attend USA Spirit Nationals live/in-person or virtual. Registration is OPEN!  Teams do not need to pre-qualify in order to compete. This adjustment is in place for this season only.


  • All Spirit Nationals divisions will have the opportunity to advance to Virtual Finals.
  • Detailed video upload guidelines, filming instructions and more information available online.
  • For ALL Novice (including Pep Flag Novice) and Intermediate divisions, 35% of the division will advance to finals with a minimum of two (2) teams advancing.  For ALL Advanced divisions, Pep Flag 1 Flag and Pep Flag 2 Flag divisions, and the Mascot division, 45% of the division will advance to finals with a minimum of two (2) teams advancing. For Crowdleader™ Teams division, 50% of the teams will advance to finals.  If a Group Stunt category has 20 or more entries for preliminaries, then finals will take place with 25% of that division advancing.
  • Game Day divisions (excluding Crowdleader™ Teams) compete once only – no prelims/finals.


  • All virtual participants will receive a USA Nationals Drawstring Backpack
  • National Virtual Champions (including Crowdleader™ Teams) will receive a championship banner and 1st place medallions
  • National Virtual Game Day Champions (excluding Crowdleader™ Teams) will receive a championship banner
  • 50% of Team Divisions will receive placement plaques


  • Price per competitor  —  $99/per individual (up to 2 routines if Crowdleader™ Teams is one of the performances)
  • Group Stunt – $125/per performance
  • Song/Jazz — $200/per performance
  • Game Day Divisions — $200/per performance (not including Crowdleader™ Teams)


March 31st

Virtual Event Registration Deadline

Register early to receive keyword and start planning for your virtual performance.

Keyword sent upon event registration so you can film at any time before the upload deadline.

April 9th

Virtual Event Registration Fees Due

April 12th

Performance Video uploads due by 5:00 p.m. (PST)

  • Spirit Divisions
  • Game Day Divisions

April 17th

Performance Videos Go Live on VarsityTV

Any Divisions Advancing to Finals

April 19th

Finalists Announced

Prelims Scoresheets Sent to Customers

April 26th

Final Performance Video uploads due by 5:00 p.m. (PST)

*All teams will receive a keyword for prelims and a keyword for finals upon registration. Performances can be recorded any time prior to finals upload date. We highly recommend you film both performances now if you are in a division that will have Finals, in the event your team advances as a result of Prelims. Later, you can either re-film your Finals performance based on judges’ feedback or submit the Finals performance you have already filmed.

May 1st

Finals and Game Day Performance Videos Go Live on VarsityTV

May 2nd

Finals and Game Day Results Announced

Scoresheets Sent to Customers


USA Divisions, Rules & Scoring

Registration is available online by visiting USA Virtual Spirit Nationals Registration

Contact your USA State Director to learn more!


Information on 2021 events coming soon…