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Since our inception in 1991, we have been devoted to bringing you excellence in cheer and dance competitions. We are committed to fair, well-orchestrated events that are fun for the participants, coaches, and fans. We have been innovators in the Spirit industry, creating: “Reach the Beach” beach-themed nationals, “Surfy” the Spirit Shark, vacation giveaways at events, and the EPIC Rewards program. We believe that participation in athletics is a tremendous opportunity for young people to learn the value of teamwork, goal setting, and dedication to excellence. We feel that the values learned as a member of a cheer or dance team will carry over to future success in other endeavors throughout life. To this end, we are committed to offering you the very best in all we do.

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ACDA Reach the Beach - Ocean City - Grand Nationals DI/DII (All-Star)
Ocean City, MD, 3/25/2022 - 3/27/2022
ACDA Reach the Beach - Grand Nationals (Dance)
Ocean City, MD, 2/26/2022 - 2/26/2022

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Stay Smart aims to provide teams with a variety of event housing options that offer flexible, team-friendly policies surrounding deposits and cancellations. Programs can expect a smooth booking process and top-notch customer service from our housing partner, Team Travel Source.

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Reach the Beach – Ocean City – Grand Nationals DI/DII (All-Star)
3/24/2023 – 3/26/2023
Ocean City, Maryland

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Meet the 2022 Varsity All Star Pinnacle Award Winners!

Teamwork, Dedication, Confidence, Leadership – this is The Varsity All Star Pinnacle Award. The Varsity All Star Pinnacle Award was created to recognize athletes that exemplify exceptional leadership qualities and dedication to all star. This award is based on the four characteristics of #AllStarStrong – Teamwork, Dedication, Confidence, and Leadership. Pinnacle Athletes are leaders, encouragers, […]

May. 1, 2022

Famous Superstars Is Ready To Conquer The Climb At The D2 Summit

Famous Superstars Is Ready To Conquer The Climb At The D2 Summit

The final championship events are here, and small gyms are at the peak of their season ready to prove they have what it takes! Prepare for show-stopping performances as we approach The D2 Summit 2022 and will soon find out who takes home the top spot in each division!

Apr. 19, 2022