Required Forms & FAQs


What do you do if you can’t get in touch with your Varsity Rep?

Contact UCE via email or for emergencies contact Rica Charleston, Communications and Operations Director, at 214.587.9311.

What do I do with my team’s release and liability forms?

Always bring your release and waiver forms to camp to turn in at registration on the first day.

When are parents allowed to come to camp?

The best time for parents to come is during All-American tryouts or on the Final Day!

When is my camp bill due?

Go to My Camp Registrations to see your invoice with balance due dates.

Camp Rules

Below, you will find the guidance that we believe is necessary for each identified group to follow in order to conduct a safe and enjoyable camp/clinic:


Participant & Adult Release Form

Needed for most Overnight Camps, Home Camps, Day Camps and Clinics:

UCE Camp Terms & Conditions

Overnight and Day Camp Terms and Conditions:

UCE Staff Tryouts

Contact Rica Charleston or Demonde Gladman via email to inquire about trying out for The Urban Cheerleading Experience Staff!