About V!ROC

Founded in 2006, V!ROC has become the industry’s leading choreography resource for clients, coaches and athletes. V!ROC offers access to the top choreographers from around the country and the most creative material used to date, while staying affordable to the team. V!ROC has choreographed for countless championship routines, both competitive and for game day. Get competition ready with the best choreographers in cheerleading!


"'V!ROC is the best. The choreographer gave us awesome material to work with.'" Coach Kathy Gonzales, Questa High School, NM
"'Our choreography camp was phenomenal! We worked with Jessica Booker for the third year and she really outdid herself, every year she comes with new creative skills and choreography that really showcases our team. Her choreography is anything bit cookie cutter, every year it’s something new and exciting. The kids adore her and they always look forward to working with her. She has become a very valued member of our Cheer family. V!ROC is so great to work with and I will continue to recommend them to other coaches. There is just no comparison.'" Erika Carranza, Head Coach, Las Cruces High School Cheer , NM
"'We absolutely LOVED Jeff!!!! We would love to use him again next year. We loved him and his routine and we would like to use V!ROC in the future.'" Aysha Armijo, Head Coach, Los Lunas High School, NM
"'Our choreography camp was amazing! We love Sara and cannot wait to work with her again in the future. I just want to say that I could not be any more pleased with the choreography my team was given, and our choreographer was a pleasure to work with.'" Nina Olivas, Head Coach, Belen High School, NM
"'We absolutely LOVED Vanessa! She was so upbeat and energetic. She gave us a difficult routine which we are still in the process of learning all the elite stunts for it, but I honestly think it will make a huge difference for us moving forward.'" Alysia Tutac, Head Coach, Artesia High School, NM