Game Day Live

February 6, 2021 at the
Walt Disney World® Resort

Game Day Live Format

The Game Day Live performance consists of four elements—Band Chant, Situational Sideline, Crowd Leading and Fight Song—combined in a 3-minute performance by the pep band and cheerleaders, just like the current game day format. The pep band will have an additional 30 seconds during both the “run on” and “run off” of the cheerleaders to be judged on playing original, spirited music. Together, the entire performance may not exceed 4 minutes. All skill restrictions below will be enforced.

RUN ON: Once the pep band is performance ready, they have 30 seconds to play original, spirited music while the cheerleaders are taking the competition floor. Only the pep band is scored during this time.

BAND CHANT: The cheerleaders should demonstrate spirit and enthusiasm while entering the performance floor and continue until the pep band starts playing the Band Chant. As soon as the cheerleaders are set on the performance floor, the pep band may start playing.

  • Pep Band: The pep band should focus on playing spirited music that reflects a game day environment, and that the cheerleaders can incorporate visual movements to.
  • Cheerleaders: Once the band starts playing, the cheerleaders may not incorporate any skills other than kicks and jumps, just like summer camp. The cheerleaders should utilize spirit raising props and focus on creative movements such as level changes or ripples, execution of the material, and encouraging the crowd to participate.

SITUATIONAL SIDELINE: Following the Band Chant, the announcer will provide a cue for offense or defense. Teams should wait until the announcer finishes the cue and show the proper response to the game day situation.

  • Pep Band: The pep band should provide a cadence that the cheer team and crowd back home could easily yell along with, eliciting a crowd response.
  • Cheerleaders: The cheerleaders should focus on crowd effectiveness, motion technique and skills relevant to a game day environment. NOTE: It is a requirement to incorporate skills into the Sideline (stunts, jumps and/or tumbling).

CROWD LEADING: There must be a clear distinction between the Sideline and kicking off the Crowd Leading portion. The cheerleaders and pep band may show spirited interaction as a clear transition.

  • Pep Band: The pep band’s role is to influence crowd participation by responding to the cheer team’s call-backs, and encouraging the crowd to yell along. They may also create a cadence that would be relevant to the game day environment to increase the overall crowd effectiveness.
  • Cheerleaders: The cheerleaders must return to the performance surface and show a clear separation between elements. They are not allowed to stunt in transition. Crowd Leading may include a cheer reflective of a timeout, general sideline/spell-out, or other cheer material with minimal words, inciting a response, and encouraging the crowd to yell along. Teams should incorporate spirit props and practical skills.

FIGHT SONG: The final element should reflect your school’s traditional Fight Song. For teams that do not have an official Fight Song, it is recommended to use a second selection of band chant music.

  • Pep Band: When performing the fight song, the pep band should focus on sound quality, technical accuracy, musicality and engagement. They should lead the cheerleaders and the crowd with their performance, as well as participate in callbacks, if applicable.
  • Cheerleaders: Cheerleaders should incorporate crowd effective skills and may include spirit raising props to enhance overall effect. Fight Song incorporation is limited to three (3) consecutive 8-counts of stunts and/or tumbling. Counting begins with the initiation of a skill and continue until either the incorporation is complete or the end of the third 8-count. (If the Fight Song repeats, incorporation is only be permitted both times if the skills are repeated exactly the same.)

RUN OFF: The pep band has 30 seconds to play original, spirited music while the cheerleaders exit the competition floor. Once the piece ends, the pep band may exit. Only the pep band is scored during this time.

How to Qualify


Pep Band:

  • The pep band must submit a deposit of $50 per pep band member upon receiving a bid to secure their spot in the competition. Spots will be held on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • The pep band must be in a school-related, coordinated outfit (i.e., traditional team uniform, coordinated outfit representing your school colors, letters, mascot, etc.).
  • The pep band does NOT need to attend a Varsity Spirit Camp or UCA Regional Competition in order to submit a video in conjunction with the cheer team.


  • The cheer team must still attend a UCA Regional Competition and compete in the Game Day division, even if they already received a guaranteed bid for Game Day Live from the video submission process.
  • Game Day Live bids will ONLY be offered to teams that submit a video. There will not be a Game Day Live division at any UCA Regional Competition in 2019.
  • Videos must be submitted prior to the cheer team attending a UCA Regional Competition.
  • Teams that accept the invitation to compete in the Game Day Live division will ONLY be allowed to compete in Game Day Live and Traditional Routine. They will not also be allowed to compete in the current Game Day division.

Rules/Skill Restrictions

Pep Band:

  • Number of pep band members must be between 5 and 40.
  • Time starts once the band starts playing.
  • Teams must show a clear start and end between each element.
  • Spirit raising props are permitted and encouraged (i.e., shaker poms, foam fingers, rally towels, etc.).
  • No pre-made tracks are allowed. All music must be played live.
  • In connection with our Band events, each pep band must submit this form signed by a member of the local school administration attesting to the school’s right to use the music, chants and other material in the anticipated performance at Varsity sponsored events.
  • Members are prohibited from the cheerleaders’ performing surface and must stay in their designated area for the duration of the performance.


  • No tosses (basket, sponge or elevator) are allowed.
  • No inversions are allowed.
  • No twisting released dismounts are allowed.
  • No running tumbling is allowed.
  • Single leg stunts are limited to liberties and liberty hitches.
  • Standing tumbling is limited to one tumbling skill. A back tuck is the most elite tumbling skill allowed (i.e., standing full is not allowed; rippled single back handsprings are allowed).
  • Teams should take the floor immediately with spirit and enthusiasm, but without excessive gestures (i.e., running of the flags, chest bumps, intricate handshakes).
  • Stunts are not allowed during the team’s entry to the floor or any time prior to starting the performance.
  • In between elements, teams must always return to the performance surface. Teams may kick, jump or tumble but may NOT stunt.
  • During the Band Chant, only kicks and jumps are permitted.


Game Day Live Score Sheet – Pep Band
Game Day Live Score Sheet – Cheer

The pep band and cheer team will receive an overall score of their performance as one unit.

The pep band and cheer team will be scored separately on the following elements:

  • Band Chant
  • Situational Sideline
  • Crowd Leading
  • Fight Song

In these elements, the pep band will be scored primarily on:

  • Sound Quality – Are the tone and pitch of each note/piece accurate?
  • Technical Accuracy – Is the music being performed with correct technique and rhythm?
  • Musicality – Is the music appropriate and/or relevant to a Game Day setting?
  • Engagement with the crowd – Is the pep band in sync with the cheerleaders, responding with appropriate call-backs when elicited and providing music that complements the cheer elements?
  • Overall Performance with the Cheerleaders – Does the combination of the groups reflect a successful Game Day setting?

The pep band will receive an additional score for the following:

  • Run On
  • Run Off


To help make your trip to the Walt Disney World® Resort as seamless as possible, Varsity Performing Arts will have large instruments available to use for your performance.

  • Tubas, bass drums, snare drums and quad drums can be made available to rent upon request with an advance reservation.
  • Performers who need to utilize a Varsity Performing Arts instruments will be able to do so at the checkout area in the warm-up room. Instruments must be returned upon completion of their performance.
  • Performers who need to utilize a tuba or a sousaphone will be required to bring one’s own mouthpiece and reed.
  • Performers who utilize a Varsity Performing Arts instrument will be required to leave a refundable damage deposit of $50 at the checkout area in the warm-up room. Performers will receive their deposit upon return of the instrument, provided that the instrument is not damaged.

Disney Travel

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