for Drum Majors & Band Leadership

The USA Drum Major and Band Leadership programs offer students the opportunity to refine basic skills, test and practice advanced material, and create lasting memories! These mini-courses are available, FREE of charge, to students looking to gain new skills in the novice category in preparation for summer camp and fall competition and are a part of the Varsity Performing Arts growing library of content. They represent a sampling of all there is to learn when you register for a USA summer camp.




The United Spirit Association represents 70 years of summer training camps! USA offers in-person summer camps throughout California and Utah! Click the icon below to register for camp and take the next step in your marching arts experience with world class instructors.

Basic Conducting Pattern

Dr. Thomas Gamboa breaks down the conducting plane, teaches basic conducting patterns, and demonstrates various methods for conducting. This course is designed for new and experienced drum majors and instrumental section leaders.

Proper Conducting Posture

Dr. Thomas Gamboa will teach various body positions for a drum major. This is a fantastic novice course for those preparing for drum major auditions or those looking to tune up their skills.

Marching Fundamentals - Posture

Tony Rescigno will teach participants proper marching posture, weight distribution, and basic marching techniques. This course is designed with field and parade marching band in mind.

Role of a Conducting Drum Major

Dr. Thomas Gamboa will advise new drum majors on their basic role as a leader of the band. This course primarily addresses the field responsibilities during a game day and competition environment.

Leadership Role of a Drum Major

Acey Blanco will advise new and experienced drum majors on their basic role as a leader of the band. This course addresses a leader’s responsibilities off the field, as a model and steward of the organization.

Role of a Section Leader

Acey Blanco will advise students on the responsibilities of a section leader, including their musical and organizational role, as well as being a liaison between their staff and their section. This course is designed for any student in or seeking a leadership role.

Organizing Effective Rehearsals

Acey Blanco will advise student leaders and staff on maximizing opportunity and efficiency during rehearsals. This course aims to empower young section leaders and new technicians – in the absence of a director – to make effective rehearsal decisions.