V!ROC 2020 National Signing Day

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National Signing Day for 2020 V!ROC Choreography is:

FEBRUARY 20th, 2020

V!ROC registration for 2020 choreography will be opened on National Signing Day, 02/20/2020. On this day, teams are able to register their team(s) for V!ROC Routine or Game Day Choreography in order to reserve their spot with one of V!ROC’s top cheerleading choreographers. Upon registering, teams should prepare:

  • Team/School Name, Division, Location
  • Coach/Contact’s Information (full name, phone, email)
  • Ideal & Backup Choreography Dates
  • Choreographer Personnel Request, if applicable
  • Music Preferences
  • Competitive Schedule, Plans, or Scoresheets

For questions regarding Choreography & Registration, visit us at varsity.com/vroc/register or reach out to us directly via @vrocspirit social media, or contact V!ROC Brand Manager, Josh McCurdy, at jmccurdy@varsity.com.