USA Junior Nationals

February 21, 2021

About USA Junior Nationals

Since 1990, this unique event has celebrated the spirit of youth and junior teams in both cheer and song/pom.  The event takes place in Anaheim, CA, drawing nearly 2,000 competitors and 3,000 spectators, as teams compete in one over 30 different divisions.  With an emphasis on school-based and youth/recreation league teams from elementary to high school-age, USA Jr. Nationals is a fantastic way to recognize younger teams for what they bring to the competition floor.

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2020 Jr. Nationals Information


General Information

Download the 2020 Jr. Nationals Information Packet HERE
  • Anaheim Convention Center
  • North Hall Level 100
  • 800 W. Katella Ave.
  • Anaheim, CA 92802

Event Schedule



  • Squads and spectators are encouraged to leave large bags, valuables, etc. in locked buses or vehicles. The United Spirit Association or the Anaheim Convention Center cannot and will not be held liable for lost or stolen items.
  • Outside food will not be permitted inside the exhibit halls and/or Main Arena areas. There will be concessions available throughout the competition.  Noise-makers (i.e. drums, air horns, or other amplified sound will not be permitted inside the exhibit hall or main arena areas).


Due to heightened security concerns, all bags are subject to search upon entry into any Anaheim Convention Center venue.  Bags must not be left unattended at any time.  Teams must be in possession of all personal items at all times during the competition (except while performing).  The United Spirit Association will not be responsible for any items that are left unattended by a representative of your organization at any time (including during your performance).  Unattended bags are subject to immediate removal by security.

Team signs may be brought to the competition, but may not be taped on any painted surfaces.  Air horns and/or other excessive noisemakers are not permitted in the convention center.

Throwing of any type of item onto the performance floor and/or the use of laser-type devices in any venue is grounds for immediate removal from the competition and individuals will be subject to prosecution.

Personal video cameras will be permitted, but we ask that you please film only your own team.  Any individual who does not adhere to this request may be asked to leave the venue.  Camera tripods will not be permitted at any time during the competition.  Unauthorized videotaping of any team is subject to immediate removal from the competition venue.

The use of telephoto lenses on cameras and/or the use of tripods is prohibited.


  • Please allow an additional 20 to 40 minutes for traffic and parking. Parking will be impacted over the weekend and cars may be directed to off-site lots.  If you are directed to the Toy Story parking lot, please inform the cast member at the entrance to the lot that you are attending the competition at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Anaheim Convention Center

CARS: Enter the Convention Center parking area from Katella, or as directed by signage posted by the Convention Center.

The parking fee at the Convention Center is $18.00 (subject to change) and is good for one entry ONLY. It is not valid for in/out parking. The parking receipt must be visible on the vehicle dashboard. The parking ticket is not transferable.

BUSES: Buses will enter from the back of the Convention Center, off of West Street.  Parking personnel will direct you to the drop off area and appropriate exit or parking area.  Parking fees for buses is $30.00 and is good for one entry ONLY.  Overnight parking of vehicles is prohibited.

Parking fees are subject to change. 

  • Merchandise, including souvenir T-shirts and sweatshirts, will be available for purchase throughout the competition.
  • Official team photos will be taken by Universal Event Photography prior to each team’s “scheduled practice time.”  Please see your “Team Practice Schedule” for your photo time.  Scheduled photos will not be taken for Group Stunt teams.  These participants may request photo times if they wish.
  • There will be first aid staff available at the competition. Athletic taping will not be provided by the USA first aid staff for athletes.  If an athlete must be taped prior to performance, (s)he must provide the personnel to do this.  Should you need medical assistance, please contact a USA or Anaheim Convention Center staff member.
  • Any concerns regarding your team’s performance must be addressed to the competition director by one representative of your team, prior to or immediately following your team’s performance.



The box office at the Main Arena will open 6:45 a.m. Admission cost is:

  • $26.00 adults/$11.00 children (5-11 years).
  • Children younger than 5 will be admitted free.
  • No spectator will be admitted without a ticket.

Please note that your ticket will allow you entrance to view competition in the Junior Nationals venue (North Hall Level 100), as well as Spirit Nationals and Collegiate Championship Finals in the Arena. Please obtain a handstamp should you wish to exit the venue and re-enter at a later time.  A valid ticket and handstamp are required for re-entry.

The USA reserves the right to refuse admission to any spectator.

All seating is general admission and first-come, first-served.  Saving seats is not permitted.

Disney® Tickets

Disneyland® Resort 4-Day Park Hopper Passes ($338.00), 3-Day Park Hopper Passes ($296.00), 2-Day Park Hopper Passes ($234.00) and 1-Day Park Hopper Passes ($180.00) will be available for purchase at the Convention Center Main Arena box office on Thursday (10am-4pm), Friday (7:00 am), Saturday (7:00 am) and Sunday (7:00 am) while supplies last.


Team Registration

  • All teams must register at the Anaheim Convention Center North Hall Level 200 (2nd Floor) area at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled practice time in North Hall Level 100 (Lower Floor Ballroom B) at the Anaheim Convention Center. The registration table for Junior Nationals will open at 6:00 a.m. on Sunday morning and close at 3:00 p.m.  At the registration table you will pick up an updated warm-up schedule/performance schedule and other competition information.  Registration for Jr. Nationals also will be open during Spirit Nationals: Thursday 9:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m., Friday 6:00 a.m.- 8:00 p.m., and Saturday 6:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Two (2) coaches wristbands per team will be distributed as part of your team registration packet. These will allow coaches access to the “open warm-up”, “assigned warm-up” and “performance backstage” areas.

Open warm-up” space will not be available until 7:00 a.m. on Sunday.  All those entering the “open warm-up space” for any type of warm-up must have registered to receive their proper shoe tag/wristband.  Open warm-up is located on North Hall Level 200 (2nd Floor – Ballroom A).  Open warm-up will be open from 7:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. on Sunday.

  • All performers will receive a shoe tag/wristband as admission to the competition. This should be worn on the shoe or wrist and the performer must be in uniform/sweats for admission.  This shoe tag/wristband will be used for admission to the warm-up/practice area as well as to the main performance area.
  • Music guidelines are being followed at all USA and Varsity Brands events. Competition music must be properly licensed and a team must provide proof of licensing at team registration. If a team cannot provide proof of licensing immediately upon request, the team may be disqualified from the event. For further details visit


Open Practice Area

Cheer, and Song/Pom Teams

Sunday – 7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. – North Hall Level 200 (Upper Level)

Scheduled Practice Mat/Floor Space

  • There will be scheduled practice times for all cheer competitors on carpet bonded foam mats and all dance competitors on convention center carpeting located in the North Hall Level 100 (Lower Level) at the Anaheim Convention Center.

A sound system will be provided only at each official practice mat and/or floor space.  Strict adherence to timing will be maintained.  Failure to show-up at your designated time will result in forfeiture of your mat/floor time.  No swaps (even within the same team) will be permitted.

A Legality Official will be available at the scheduled warm-up/practice mats and/or floor to review routines of any safety violations.  You are encouraged to perform all stunts and tumbling at that time.  For song/pom teams, a Legality Official will be on call to review skills if requested.  A review in the practice/warm-up area does not preclude a team from receiving a penalty during the team’s actual performance. The ruling of the Legality Official is final.  Remember that points will be deducted from the final team average of each occurrence of an illegal procedure performed during competition.

  • All teams are required to report to the warm-up/practice area “Check-In” table according to your check-in time on the assigned warm-up/practice schedule (available “on-line” after 5:00 p.m. PST the Wednesday prior to competition). This check-in time is in addition to your checking-in at the main registration table to receive performer wristbands and updated competition information.
  • Additional areas for practicing around the Anaheim Convention Center are extremely limited given other shows in house. The United Spirit Association will not make practice facilities available other than those listed above.  There will be no access to the Anaheim Convention Center or its facilities at any time on Friday, February 14th or Saturday, February 15thUse of the facilities is not permitted other than during scheduled competition/warm-up times.  Please note that the USA Spirit Nationals takes place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and Collegiate Championships takes place on Saturday and Sunday.  Warm-up space will be reserved for our high school spirit competitors only during the times of the Spirit Nationals event on Friday and Saturday.
  • For safety reasons, spectators will not be permitted in the warm-up/practice facility area at any time. Only team members/coaches/advisors with appropriately colored wristbands will be permitted in this area.
  • We encourage teams to come ready to perform, as there is limited space available for changing.


Performance Information – North Hall Level 100 (Lower Level – Ballrooms A/B)

  • All prelims and finals performances will take place in North Hall Level 100 (Lower Level – Ballrooms A/B) at the Anaheim Convention Center. The “getting ready” area will be upstage right for all teams.  Teams will exit upstage left after their performance.
  • The “on deck” area will be immediately prior to taking the stage.
  • All song/pom and cheer competitors will perform on a raised stage, measuring approximately 70’ (wide) x 60’(deep). On top of this stage will be placed a Marley floor measuring 42’ x 42’.   Song/pom teams do not have to stay within the Marley during their performance.  For cheer teams, mats (9 strips) measuring 54’(wide) x 42’(deep) will be in place on the stage.  You are not limited to the mat, but all stunts and tumbling for cheerleaders must be completed on the mat.  A penalty will be assessed for each infraction of this rule.


  • All teams must provide their own MP3 device or smart phone for use on the event provided sound system. Music must be recorded at the correct tempo. Although it is not recommended due to interference that may be caused during a routine, a smart phone may be used for playing music. No cover may be on any MP3 player or smart phone so that a patch cord may be easily inserted into the device.  Please ensure that jacks are clean and free of any debris which may impact connectivity.  You must ensure that your device has a jack into which a patch cord may be inserted.  Note that you may need to acquire an adapter in advance if your player does not have a head phone jack. One or several selections of music may be used as long as they follow the music licensing rules. Ability to play routine from a CD will not be available.
  • Please keep your routine music in your possession until you are called to enter the starting area. You will hand carry your music to the sound table.
  • Advisors/Coaches/Directors are asked to remain at the sound station while their squad performs and to take their music with them at the conclusion of the performance. Representatives will be asked to press “play” and “stop” for their routines.
  • There will be no music checks permitted on the main sound system.
  • Music guidelines are being followed at all USA and Varsity Brands events. Competition music must be properly licensed and a team must be able to provide proof of licensing (upon request) at any event where the music is used. If a team cannot provide proof of licensing immediately upon request, the team may be disqualified from the event. For further details
  • Following awards, scoresheets will be available approximately 15-20 minutes following the end of the announcements. These will be available at the USA registration area (North Hall Level 200 Lobby)


Awards will take place immediately following the conclusion of the last team in your section of performances.  Teams will be called to the stage for awards.  Each team will be recognized with participation ribbons prior to trophies being handed out for each division.

School-based and affiliated song divisions with 10 or more teams after initial registration will be split by size according to the 2019/20 age grid and the resulting divisions will have preliminaries and finals with both performances on the same day.  There must be at least 3 teams in each division once a split occurs to keep the divisions separated by size. Teams must compete in both performances to be eligible for awards. Approximately 25% of the teams (with a minimum of 3) will advance to Finals.

Affiliated cheer team divisions will be split into small and large after the initial registration provided there are at least 2 teams left for each division. Affiliated cheer team divisions will advance to finals if there are 10 or more teams after the initial registration.

In some divisions trophies will be awarded for placements in addition to Finalists being announced.  Finals will take place later that day at the time designated on the performance schedule.  The order of performance will be the same as the team’s performance in preliminary competition in relation to the other finalists.  Final placement of the teams will be determined by 30% of the team’s prelims score and 70% of the team’s finals score.


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