Camp Dates

July 14, 2023 - July 17, 2023

Camp Type:

July 14, 2023 - July 17, 2023

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Junior High and High School
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200 E. Main St
Branson, MO 65616

Welcome to the Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel!

Attending UDA Camp will ensure your team shines bright all year long! Below you will find information and tips to prepare you for your camp experience. We are so excited for you to start your season with UDA!

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Camp Dates & Pricing

Location Tips

  • Teams stay in comfortable hotel rooms – leave your own linens at home!
  • Plenty of space for each team to learn their material
  • Camp will be held in ballroom space for the majority of camp.
  • Hotel has a pool! Remind your dancers to pack a swim suit!
  • This camp traditionally has hosted a great mix of high school, junior high and all star teams!
  • State Director: Kelsey Scheffer |

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Testimonials from Camp

"'I loved how many staff worked this camp. We were able to have more routines offered and have smaller technique classes and more levels of skills in technique classes. For a team with a very wide skill range, this was great. My girls constantly told me how much they learned from this staff and how much they really enjoyed them. - Jordan Belcher, Republic High School'"
"'In all my years with UDA, this was by far the BEST experience ever. The staff was the best I’ve ever encountered - all were solid teachers and lovely young ladies, especially Jordan. Macie is a truly outstanding head instructor - the best I’ve ever seen. She was exceptionally well organized, confident but not arrogant, friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable, and it was easy to see she truly loves her job. The administrative staff was amazing, the food was great, the facilities were wonderful - five-star experience all around! - Mistie Thompson, World Class All Star Dance'"
"'Macie was great!!! We loved all of the instructors and my team thought this was their best camp experience ever. - Melissa Morgan, Central High School'"
"'The Food this year was awesome and the food staff was very helpful to accommodate allergies” - Kayle Rutherford, Benton High School'"
"'Allison and Morgan were excellent with their class instruction. They moved at a good pace, gave clear instructions, and were knowledgeable and friendly.” - Nikki Boekhout, Platte County High School'"
"'Crazy Night and Team Building were great! We also loved the routines!” - Laura Harris, Central High School'"

Camp Notes

Camp Theme

Learn more about UDA’s summer camp theme- CLICK HERE

What to Bring

To make sure you have the BEST camp experience possible, check out the list below to make sure you are bringing the correct items for day-to-day activities!

Prior to Camp :

  • Be sure to camp your camp music by downloading the Clementune app.
  • Team Up for St Jude Fundraising Letters: Bring at least 5 letters to camp and receive a collectible Team Up for St. Jude pin! To find out how to complete these forms and to learn more about St Jude go to
  • Completed Medical Release Forms for each person (this includes advisors, chaperones and coaches) are to be brought to the registration table at camp. We must have the original copy. DO NOT send Medical Release forms to the office. You can find these forms at

At Camp :

  • For UDA Overnight Camps only (University locations): Toiletries such as toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, shampoo and deodorant. Also bring bed linens (extra-long sheets, pillows, blankets, towels), a fan and shower shoes.
  • A copy of your home routine music on a CD and/or in mp3 format to be played on a smartphone. Please bring a backup CD. You may also bring a CD player/soundsystem to practice camp routines. For more information on home routine music guidelines go to
  • Five addresses for family and friends! During teamleader time, your team will receive the Team Up for St. Jude letters! By turning in five addressed letters at camp, you will receive a collectible Team Up for St. Jude pin!
  • Water bottle (for each person)
  • Spending Money (optional). Most participants bring $50 – $55 for snacks, apparel, souvenirs, etc.
  • Sunscreen, lip balm, medications for muscle soreness or headaches (Tylenol, aspirin, etc.). Varsity is not allowed to administer any kind of medication at camp. Most camps have first aid personnel on duty.
  • Optional decorating supplies for spirit sticks and dorms. Please check with your State Director on dorm rules regarding decorating.
  • NOTE: If your team is commuting to camp (which means you are receiving instruction only), meals are NOT provided. Be sure to bring your meals or money for meals. You may purchase your meals at some locations.

What to Wear

  • Dance attire (t-shirts, shorts and tennis/dance shoes). Most teams wear matching outfits. This is NOT required but is a good way to identify you as a group. Whenever possible, please mark all belongings by name and address. Please make sure to bring shoes for BOTH feet!
  • Uniforms (may be worn during evaluations if desired but are not required).
  • Crazy Night : Check out the camp theme for more info on what to wear for this fun-filled team bonding occasion!