Game Day Live

February 7-10, 2025  at the
Walt Disney World® Resort

How to Qualify


  • Video must demonstrate the band and cheerleaders performing the school’s fight song together.
    • This video can take place at a game or an organized practice.
    • The band can be situated next to the cheerleader’s performance surface or behind the performance surface, but NOT on the performance surface.
  • The other Game Day Live elements including band chant, situational sideline and crowd leading are allowed to be demonstrated into the qualifying video, but are not required.


  • The cheer team must still attend an in-person or virtual UCA Regional Competition and compete in the Game Day division, even if they already received a guaranteed bid for Game Day Live from the video submission process.
  • Game Day Live bids will ONLY be offered to teams that submit a video or qualify at select Regional Competitions.
  • Teams that accept the invitation to compete in the Game Day Live division will ONLY be allowed to compete in Game Day Live and Traditional Routine. They will not also be allowed to compete in the current Game Day division.

Pep Band:

  • The pep band must submit a deposit per pep band member upon registering for the Championships. Spots will be held on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • The pep band must be in a school-related, coordinated outfit (i.e., traditional team uniform, coordinated outfit representing your school colors, letters, mascot, etc.).
  • The pep band does NOT need to attend a Varsity Spirit Camp or UCA Regional Competition in order to submit a video in conjunction with the cheer team.

To review the Game Day Live filming guidelines, click here!

Game Day Live Format

The Game Day Live performance consists of four elements—Band Chant, Situational Sideline, Crowd Leading and Fight Song—combined in a 3-minute performance by the pep band and cheerleaders, just like the current game day format. The entire performance may not exceed 5 minutes with entry and exit of all performers.


  • Same rules and skill restrictions will still apply as the guidelines for Game Day Routines.
  • Pep Band members would be allowed to play for multiple performances; however, they may only play for the school
    they attend. The pep band must be current members of the official pep band for the school they are representing.
  • The pep band must be in a school-related, coordinated outfit (i.e., traditional team uniform, coordinated outfit
    representing your school colors, letters, mascot, etc.).
  • The entire performance may not exceed 5 minutes with entry and exit of all performers.
  • ONLY Handheld or harnessed instruments allowed in the pep band.
  • Pep Bands will be responsible for transportation of all equipment to and from the event.
  • Pep bands may use props; however, props must conform to the NFHS Band safety course guidelines.
  • Pep band member may not be involved in any stunts / tumbling.
  • Designated Pep Band Performance Area.
    • Pep Bands will line up anywhere center stage within the performing surface (54 X 42) and their timing will begin
      the first beat of music.
    • Pep bands must remain in designated areas of approximately 54 feet wide by 5 feet deep on the back side
      (behind the mats). Additional performance area on either side of the raised stage of 5 feet wide by 42 feet deep
      each area will be designated.
    • Pep Bands will be limited to 40 total band members. Teams may place those members to the side or back with a
      maximum of 20 members in each location.
    • During the performance, Pep Band members are allowed to change formation but must remain in the
      designated performance area in which they started.
    • Any team member stepping outside or touching outside the performance area will cause a .5 penalty per
      occurrence. Pep Band members must remain in designated area during the performance.
    • Once a team member takes the floor, they must remain on the floor until the end of the performance.

Game Day LIVE Format

  • Game Day Live performances will allow one (1) minute for Pep Bands to play prior to the cheer team being called. Pep Bands may play any cadence or song. Only the pep band is scored during this time.
  • By the end of the 1 minute section, the Pep Band must relocate to the area designated outside of the performance surface (30 seconds to move formation). Please ensure the entrance for the athletes is clear. Pep
    Bands may play any cadence or song during the 30 second cheer team introduction. Only the pep band is scored during this time.

BAND CHANT: The pep band should focus on playing spirited music that reflects a game day environment, and
that the cheerleaders can incorporate visual movements to.

SITUATIONAL SIDELINE: The pep band should provide a cadence that the cheer team and crowd back home
could easily yell along with, eliciting a crowd response.

CROWD LEADING: There must be a clear distinction between the Sideline and kicking off the Crowd Leading
portion. The cheerleaders and pep band may show spirited interaction as a clear transition. The pep band’s role
is to influence crowd participation by responding to the cheer team’s call-backs and encouraging the crowd to
yell along. They may also create a cadence that would be relevant to the game day environment to increase the
overall crowd effectiveness.

FIGHT SONG: The final element should reflect your school’s traditional Fight Song. For teams that do not have an
official Fight Song, it is recommended to use a second selection of band chant music. When performing the fight
song, the pep band should focus on sound quality, technical accuracy, musicality and engagement. They should
lead the cheerleaders and the crowd with their performance, as well as participate in call-backs, if applicable.

RUN OFF: The pep band has 30 seconds to play original, spirited music while the cheerleaders exit the
competition floor. Once the piece ends, the pep band may exit. Only the pep band is scored during this time.

Rules / Skill Restrictions

CLICK HERE for updated Rules & Regulations.

  • In connection with our Band events, each pep band must submit this form signed by a member of the local school administration attesting to the school’s right to use the music, chants and other material in the anticipated performance at Varsity sponsored events.


Game Day Live Score Sheet – Cheer

Game Day Live Score Sheet – Pep Band

The cheer team and pep band will receive an overall score of their performance as one unit.

The cheer team and pep band will be scored separately on the following elements:

  • Band Chant
  • Situational Sideline
  • Crowd Leading
  • Fight Song

In these elements, the pep band will be scored primarily on:

  • Sound Quality – Are the tone and pitch of each note/piece accurate?
  • Technical Accuracy – Is the music being performed with correct technique and rhythm?
  • Musicality – Is the music appropriate and/or relevant to a Game Day setting?
  • Engagement with the crowd – Is the pep band in sync with the cheerleaders, responding with appropriate call-backs when elicited and providing music that complements the cheer elements?
  • Overall Performance with the Cheerleaders – Does the combination of the groups reflect a successful Game Day setting?