The dance camp is a high-energy, fast paced camp designed to help the technique of your newest dancer to your absolute show stopper. P.U.R.E. has sought out the industries best dance instructors and are ready to bring them to you. P.U.R.E. dance camps will focus on all styles of dance and are completely customizable to focus on your programs strengths and weaknesses. This camp is designed to help athletes build strong technique in a variety of dance styles, and also for coaches to use throughout the season to continue to train strong dancers. We are ultimately creating confident athletes who are not only able to perform at the highest level, but capitalize on proper technique to help maximize the score sheet.

Benefits & Awards

PURE will be awarding a minimum of 5 Dance Summit Bids to qualifying teams that participate in a PURE Dance Camp.

Together We’re Stronger

The combination of our innovative history and talented designers, implementing the latest trends and innovations, create the perfect mix of fashion-inspired elements and functional athleticism to meet the needs of the all star athlete.

Mar. 26, 2018