Winter Showcase

Perform at the Winter Showcase at the
Walt Disney World® Resort on January 31, 2021

Winter Showcase Format

The Winter Showcase will be held in the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.

Groups will perform in an exhibition format, and will receive the following ratings, as well as feedback:

  • Good/Bronze
  • Excellent/Silver
  • Superior/Gold

Each group’s performance will follow a 7-minute cycle

  • 4 minute performance / 3 minute transition

Who Can Perform

  • Must be a Scholastic Winter Guard or Percussion group: units whose membership comes from the same High School or a school that feeds to that particular High School.
  • Open signup – No invitations, bids or submission requirements necessary
  • Varsity Performing Arts will take the first 50 registered groups


  • 10-50 members per group
  • All equipment tips on batons, prop rifles, flagpoles and sabres must be padded or taped
  • The bottom of all props, flats and scenery made of wood, metal or PVC type plastic must be padded or taped so as not to damage the floor
  • Soft-soled shoes need no added protection; however, hard-soled shoes must be taped. The provided floor tarp alone is not proper padding.
  •  All props must be able to fit through a standard size (72”) double door
  •  No pyrotechnics, discharge of arms, pressurized canisters, dangerous materials, flammable liquids or animals will be permitted in or around the performance area
  • Smoke machines will not be allowed
  • Electric (plug-in or battery operated) or compressed air apparatuses, including lights, lasers and flashcubes (electrical or chemical) will not be allowed
  • The use of powder, dirt or any other airborne substance that lingers in the competition area shall be strictly prohibited


Winter Showcase Impression Sheet

The Varsity Performing Arts Winter Showcase will adopt the industry standard scoring systems. A panel of three nationally recognized adjudicators will focus primarily on:

Winter Guard:

  • Visual Analysis – Use of design elements in form, body and equipment
  • General Effects – Concept, creativity emotion, musicality, etc.
  • Use of Equipment/Movement – Range and variety of skills


  • Visual Analysis – Use of design elements in form, body and equipment
  • Music – Style, rhythmic accuracy, orchestration, musicianship
  • General Effects – Concept, creativity emotion, musicality, etc.
  • Use of Equipment/Movement – Range and variety of skills

Judges will provide a digital audio recording with commentary feedback that offers suggestions on areas of improvement and ways for long-term success.

  • Program Director will receive the recording after the showcase
  • Meet with all three judges on improvements


  • A 70×50″ standard black performance surface will be provided by Varsity Performing Arts
  • 110-volt grounded power sources shall be available at the front and back of the center line of the performance area. Ensembles must provide their own extension cords.
  • Scholastic groups are responsible for bringing all other equipment (i.e. flags, rifles, sabres, percussion instruments)
  • Scholastic groups are responsible for loading/unloading their own equipment

Master Class

In 2020, Varsity Performing Arts hosted a Master Class following the Winter Showcase at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex hosted by Michael Rosales.

Michael’s Master Class was designed for the beginning to intermediate dance and color guard student seeking training and understanding in basic movement by combining elements of ballet, jazz and modern. The class included a full body warm up/stretch, floor barre, across the floor exercises and a dance combination geared towards performance qualities. This Master Class was included in the registration for Winter Guard and Winter Percussion groups

About Choreographer Michael Rosales:

Michael’s training in Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Hip-Hop, Latin Jazz and Color Guard makes him one of the most sought after Choreographers in the country. He has danced for recording artists such as Ricky MartinDeborah CoxLuis FonsiBrooke Hogan, Wisin y Yandel, Ivy Queen ,Gloria Trevy, and Macy Gray.  Michael was on a National and International Tour of the Tony and Emmy award winning show BLAST! as a lead and was a feature performer in a new show called CYBERJAM in London where he was also the Choreographer Assistant. Michael has performed throughout the United States, Europe and Asia and has appeared in the movie RENT, Latin Billboard Awards, Latin Grammy’s Celebration and the Latin Teen Choice Awards.  He has produced and choreographed shows for Busch Gardens in Tampa, Sea World in San Antonio, the FED EX Orange Bowl Halftime Show and was the Head coach of the University of Miami Hurricanettes Dance Line.

Michael was a former member of the Concord Blue Devils, Fantasia of Riverside and San Jose Raiders. He has worked with The Carolina Crown, Bluecoats, Cadets Color Guard and the Santa Clara Vanguard Drum Corps and Colorguards. In the Winter Guard season, Michael has been involved with Braddock Independent World, Paramount World and West Broward High School World among a handful of other programs. Michael is currently the Lead Choreographer for the Santa Clara Vanguard Drum Corp and is currently Choreographing the 2019 Production of BLAST! The Music of Disney touring Japan in 2019.


Check back soon to view 2021 Master Class information!


Winter Guard:

To perform at the Varsity Performing Arts Winter Showcase, all teams must adhere to the music options below:

  • Option 1: Single Song: Click here to learn more
  • Option 2: Cover Music: Click here to learn more
  • Option 3: Original Recordings: Click here to learn more

Directors will be required to provide proof of licensing at registration:

  • Proof of purchase from a preferred provider, OR
  • If using a single song, receipt from purchase of single song, OR
  • If using an editor, the editor does not have to be a preferred provider; however, they must be able to provide you with proof of purchase from a preferred provider and proof of licensing for all sound effects and voiceovers included in the mix, OR
  • If using a non-commercial music provider, documentation that assigns all applicable rights to the team

Please visit our list of preferred providers

Winter Percussion:

In connection with our events, each percussion group must submit this form signed by a member of the local school administration attesting to the school’s right to use the music and other material in the anticipated performance at Varsity sponsored events.

Disney Travel

Please view the 2020 Winter Showcase Travel Package.

Note: Please assume a 5-8% price increase for the 2021 Travel Package.

Click here to watch the Disney Travel Tips! See you next year in Orlando!