Welcome to Boston University!

  • College camp!
  • 3 Day Overnight schedule.
  • More usable Game Day material taught, including a Band Chant and three sidelines!
  • Opportunities to earn Gold, Silver and Bronze paid Bids to Nationals.
  • New, revised schedule including more time to learn team dance, more review time for routines and sidelines and more focus on retaining material to take home.
  • Camp is held in the BU field house with lots of air conditioned space.
  • For more information, contact Marja Edwardian at medwardson@varsity.com.

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Camp Schedule

Location Tips

  • Be sure to learn one of the Game Day Routines before camp so you can compete in the Game Day Run Off on day one of camp! – Everest
  • Coaches be sure to bring questions and ideas to chat about in our college swap shop session! – Claudia
  • Bring some technique and skill ideas along to camp to work on with your buddy instructor! –¬†Bria


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Testimonials from Camp

"'Loved how all girls learned sidelines in rotation. Gave them a chance to break up and come back together! Also love the one on one time with our Buddy its always great to get as much feedback as possible.'" Coach ValentinaRamapo College of New Jersey
"'My team really enjoyed the team dance choreography! I also enjoyed the classes, a great way for me to see the different levels of talent and styles before entering the season.'" Coach KaileneMontclair State University
"'UConn had an awesome time at camp. It was very welcoming as a rookie coach to come in and feel more comfortable in this role. Both coaches and dancers had so much fun bonding with other teams and growing throughout the three days.'" Coach AshleyUniversity of Connecticut