Welcome to the Caribe Royale!

  • More Game Day material taught.
  • Opportunities to earn Gold, Silver and Bronze paid Bids to Nationals.
  • Camp is held in a ballroom.
  • For more information, contact Angela Futato at afutato@varsity.com.

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Location Tips

  • Be sure to learn a Game Day Routine for the opportunity to earn a bid to NDA College Nationals in Daytona! –  Lizzy
  • Master classes are high energy and fun, so plan to video the master class.  – Claudia
  • Bring technique & skill ideas along to camp to work on with your buddy instructor! – Robert

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Testimonials from Camp

"'We always love the master class and the chance to learn from so many different instructors!'" Coach Kelli
"'I enjoyed the energy at camp! The dancers learned how to engage with other dance teams, and they had the time of their life!'" Coach Alexis
"'Amazing staff - every single individual.'" Coach Todd