Welcome to Pomona, California!

  • Lots of practice time available!
  • Camp is held in an indoor facility.
  • For more information, contact Nicole Cestone at 949-324-1973 or ncestone@varsity.com.

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Location Tips

  • Come ready to work! Camp is quick, but we make it fun and memorable for every level of team there. – Kelsey
  • Get ready to learn lots new, creative, and fun routines and classes! – Lizzy
  • Remember, the Staff is here to help make your new season a success. Don’t be afraid to ask us questions! – Hayley

Testimonials from Camp

"'We love how the NDA instructors come in and treat our team as if they were their own team. They truly want the team to succeed and have an amazing experience.'"
"'Camp is always a great experience for my team and myself as a coach! It is great to connect with other coaches in the area and my dancers excel so much in just 4 days! It is incredible! Amazing camp!'"
"'The NDA staff are great to work with!'"