Welcome to Tulsa, Oklahoma!

  • Great hotel accommodations. Hotel staff is friendly and helpful.
  • Camp is held in a matted hotel ball room
  • Exceptional food service and choices
  • For more information, contact your NCA State Director, Josh Quintero, at jquintero@varsity.com

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Location Tips

  • Fun, fast and high-energy camp! Come prepared to learn! – Mattie 
  • It’s helpful if you’ve put your stunt groups together before camp. – Amisha  
  • Play some “get to know you” games prior to camp. Our leadership program will be more impactful if you know each other well. – William 

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Testimonials from Camp

"'This camp was probably the best we have ever been to. The staff and set up was amazing. Loved the one on one attention. The whole staff at the Tulsa leadership camp went above and beyond everyday!!! They made the camp memorable!'" Coach PattyGoddard High School
"'The instructors 100% made the camp. They were incredible, helped so much, and were just perfect for building our squad! OUR INSTRUCTORS WERE AMAZING! Literally we've never had a better experience! EVERYONE at our camp was incredible, and it's all we could talk about!'" Coach HaileyHolland Hall High School
"'Our squad had some tough issues to work through at camp. The leadership curriculum was VERY useful because it pinpointed our girls at different levels. The other classes were helpful as well as they helped our girls grow individually.'" Coach KimOologah High School

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Camp Notes

Camp Theme

Stronger Together

We believe that teamwork and personal growth go hand in hand. At NCA Summer Camp, you’ll develop skills that last a lifetime. You’ll go beyond athletic achievements and learn the art of becoming a leader. You’ll create lifelong memories – together. Whatever your team’s goals are, we have the resources to help you succeed.

Together we are a team. Together we are stronger.

What to Bring

  • A great attitude!
  • Athletic clothing and shoes
  • Water bottles
  • Fun Day clothes
  • Game Day Props: Poms, Signs, Megaphones, Signs, Flags

What to Wear

On fun day, show how your team is stronger together! Here are some examples:

  • Super heroes
  • Puzzle pieces
  • Links on a chain
  • Legos
  • Athletic teams
  • Any other creative idea your team comes up with!