Welcome to Conway, Arkansas!

  • NCA Leadership and NCA Speed sessions
  • 1 instructor per team
  • NCA Speed – Camp focus on stunts and pyramids
  • NCA Leadership – Balance of sideline curriculum and skills with added focus on athletes being leaders in their school and community
  • Squads stay in on-campus dorms rooms
  • Minimal walking.  Teams are typically housed across the street from gym.
  • Great opportunity for cheerleaders to visit a college campus
  • Camp is held indoors
  • This location uses mats for camp
  • Remember: NCA Speed Camps have different requirements for All-American. Please email Stan Tabor for details!
  • For more information, contact your State Director, Stan Tabor, at stabor@varsity.com

Location Tips

  • Work on stunt and pyramid basics prior to camp, so the staff can help you move on to more difficult skills at camp! – Blake
  • Make sure you have plenty of memory on your phone or camera to take videos of your team and the Staff!– Christy
  • Bring your own water bottles to avoid long lines at the water fountains! – Jarrod

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Testimonials from Camp

"'The leadership of this camp was the best I have ever had. Very professional but created a positive environment and made sure it ran smoothly!'" Ashley WashamMaumelle High School
"'Our team buddy, Chloe was amazing! Perfect choice for our team!! Thank you!'" Coach KarenBauxite High School
"'WOW! Words can't express how much my athletes and coaches LOVE NCA Camp! With roughly 90 athletes in my program; it is extremely reassuring to know NCA is always there for me. Every year I am overwhelmingly impressed with the staff's knowledge and eagerness to help make sure my kids have a great time. After attending NCA Camp, you will never want to take your team anywhere else!'" Coach KatieDutch Fork High School

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Camp Notes

What's NEW this year?

Let the countdown to NCA Summer Camp begin! Click the link below to see what’s new, what to wear and what to bring this summer. NCA Summer Camp

Team Up for St. Jude

Varsity Spirit partners with St. Jude to support its mission of finding cures for children fighting cancer and other catastrophic illnesses. Each summer, we ask every cheerleader attending a Varsity Spirit camp to send fundraising letters to friends and family around the country, asking for donations to the renowned hospital. Join the fight and pre-order your letters for NCA Summer Camp today!

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Required Forms & FAQs

Come into NCA Summer Camp fully prepared! Access required forms and read through our frequently asked questions before coming to camp.

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