Varsity All Star - Team Up For St. Jude

Varsity All Star - Team Up For St. Jude

Ashlee Wagoner at 10:45am 09/11/2014
Ashlee Wagoner at 10:45am 09/11/2014

Advisory Panel Visits St. Jude

Varsity All Star Advisory Panel

Throughout the 2014-2014 competition season, Varsity All Star designed a campaign called Shine On that was designed to encourage All Star gyms and athletes to share what they have been doing to be leaders in their communities. They wanted to highlight everyone who was donating to a cause, lending a helping hand in charity work, promoting awareness for illnesses, show how athletes are giving back and shining their positive light to the world around them.

Varsity All Star has always strived to give back to the All Star community. Whether it was through a tragic accident- such as the Midwest Cheer Elite “Hugs” campaign to raise money for a family who had lost their mom in a car accident on their way to our event or deadly illness, the Love You Mean It campaign for Coach AJ of ECE battling cancer, or natural disasters that have destroyed gyms and homes, such as the tornadoes in Illinois and Oklahoma and Hurricane Sandy in the Northeast. We are continually investing in All Star’s future by paying it forward and committing ourselves to this industry.

When a tragedy happens, we all jump in and help one another. Many of us have been impacted by one of medicals’ deadliest enemies, cancer. It has affected everyone one of us in and out of them gym, athletes and family members. This year, Varsity All Star is partnering with St Jude to support its lifesaving mission of finding cures for children fighting cancer and other deadly diseases.

This past week, 11 All Star gym owners and athletes were hand-picked to come to Memphis, serve dinner at Target House, tour St Jude Children’s Research Hospital® and brainstorm on how the All Star industry could help pay for a day! Here are a few reasons why Varsity All Star is teaming up with the St Jude Children’s Research Hospital®:

  • St. Jude is one of the world’s premier centers for research and treatment of pediatric cancer.
  • St. Jude treats children from across the U.S. and from all around the world.
  • All research discoveries made at St. Jude are freely shared with the global medical community.
  • No child is ever turned away because of a family’s inability to pay, and families without insurance never receive a bill for treatment.
  •  It costs more than $1.9 million per day to operate St. Jude, and that comes primarily from donations and the support of groups like yours- the Varsity Spirit Groups.

Check out the Varsity All Star Advisory Panel's trip to St. Jude: 

Paige Colon- representative of Premier Athletics, Cami Branson- Spirit of Texas athlete and Courtney Hughes- World Cup All Stars athlete excited to tour the St Jude Children’s Research Hospital

They were able to tour the St. Jude Target House. Patients are assigned to Target House if their treatment is scheduled to last more than three months. There are 96 fully furnished apartments with several common areas and play rooms. 

Cami Branson-Spirit of Texas athlete, Melissa Meriwether- Gym Owner of Spirit Xtreme, Brett Hansen- Gym Owner of Spirit of Texas and Misty Hodges- Gym Owner of GymTyme All Stars, serving food at the St Jude Target House for patients and their families. 

Brett Hansen- Gym Owner of Spirit of Texas learning about the legacy of Danny Thomas. 

Members of Varsity All Star’s St Jude Advisory Panel rubbing the nose of Danny Thomas, founder of St Jude. Rubbing the nose is said to being “ Good Luck” to those who rub it.

More information about the Varsity All Star St Jude program will be launched in the near future!