Skills and Drills - Advanced Stunts

Skills and Drills - Advanced Stunts

X-Full Basket Toss

[Caution: Cheerleading gymnastics, including stunts, pyramids and tumbling, should only be performed under the supervision of a qualified adult.] Check out Bolton High School cheerleaders Hannah Shrader, Allison Jackson, Brittney Bankston, Brittney Onan, and Brittney Stanton demonstrating the proper technique of an “X-Full” basket.]

This is an elite level basket toss skill that includes two separate body movements: forming an “X” and then performing a full twist. This stunt is legal at the high school level. For information about legality for all star cheerleading, check out the latest rules and safety guidelines established by the USASF.

This basket toss requires two tossers and a back spot. An additional tosser from the front is recommended.

Want to brush up on your basket toss technique?

The tossers (bases) connect hands in a standard basket grip, and the front tosser places her hands underneath the basket to assist with the toss.

The top girl loads in to the basket facing the side, making sure to keep her shoulders, knees, and toes in a straight vertical line and her hips up.

The back spot helps the top girl load into the basket and then reaches underneath the basket to assist with the toss as well.

Exploding with their legs and shrugging through their shoulders, the bases toss the top girl into the air.

The top girl rides up, turning towards the crowd (in this case towards her right shoulder), and at the top makes an “X” with her body by extending her right arm and leg in the direction she is spinning (right).

Once the top girl completes the “X,” she pulls her left foot to her right, brings her arms to her sides, and spins to the right with her hips and shoulders rotating together.

The top completes one full rotation and then reaches for her bases in the cradle.

The bases and back spot wait with arms extended to catch the top girl in the cradle. They remain in the same position the entire time.

The bases begin to slow the top girl into the cradle as soon as they make contact with her body. As the catch, they absorb with their legs.

The top girl pikes her body for the cradle, keeping her shoulders up and catching herself on her bases’ shoulders.