Skills and Drills - Stunting Basics

Skills and Drills - Stunting Basics

Toss Chair

[Caution: Cheerleading gymnastics, including stunts, pyramids and tumbling, should only be performed under the supervision of a qualified adult.] Once you’ve got the hang of the toss itself, move on to this basic toss stunt, the chair! The toss chair is a great beginner stunt that is perfect for crowd-leading! Now matter how far you progress past this stunt, you’ll always do chairs!]

To execute a toss chair, you first have to understand how to do a toss.

Using the proper toss technique, follow through leaving the right arm extended while dropping your left arm to your chest. The top person’s hips should be a couple of inches above your extended arms at the end of your toss. If the top’s hips are any lower, you will catch her with your arm bent and be forced to press the chair up.

Spot for the top person’s seat and grab the left ankle for balance. Make sure to keep the right arm overhead locked out and keep the top person’s left leg in close to the body to help balance the stunt (Figure 4.).

When you catch the chair, absorb with your legs (not your arm) to take the pressure off of the landing.

Top Person:
Using the proper toss technique, jump slightly back over your base, stag your right leg, and assume a “chair” position (Figure 4). In the chair, your right leg should be resting on the base’s right forearm, your shoulders are directly over your hips, and your left leg should be positioned slightly in front of your hip.

For the Dismount...

Base: Dip with your legs and drive straight up (Figure 5), popping the top person straight up into the air. Catch the top’s waist and slows her down to the ground.

Top Person: Wait for the base to dip down and then pull up with your shoulders to “ride the pop” (Figure 5). Re-catch yourself on the base’s wrists on the way down, giving him some resistance to slow you down.

Special Thanks to UCA Instructors Josh Brown and Tiffany Trammell for the photos!