NCA & NDA 2017

NCA & NDA 2017

5 Things to Know About Fundraising

If you’ve ever been a part of a team, then you know how crucial fundraising can be. While it’s essential to raise money for travel costs and uniform expenses, fundraising also offers built-in opportunities to further interact and form relationships with your team, your school and your community. Add it up! It’s a win-win for all involved.

Team Up: Change it up a bit, and consider getting together with other teams and organizations at your school. Other than sharing competitive natures, students and athletes also share the common need and desire to raise money in order to achieve goals. The connections you make ultimately help you reach successes throughout life. Fundraising is no exception. Utilize your resources on campus to interact with more potential doers and donors! Consider taking it a step further by reaching out to local businesses and restaurants to see what ideas they bring to the table.

Live It Up: Rule #1 is to make it FUN! Choose activities that your team is interested in. Be creative! While traditional fundraising of selling candy bars or cookies can be effective, take the time to brainstorm ideas that team members will enjoy, ideas that will bring your team together and serve as a team bonding experience too!

Double Up: Fundraising is about consistency. Summer is a great time to get ahead of the upcoming costs, but don’t limit your fundraising efforts. If you only put forth the effort in the summer, you will miss out on the benefits and opportunities offered throughout the school year. Take advantage of different holidays and times of year. Whether your squad decides to set up a booth at a community festival, provide childcare on Valentine’s Day, or sell holiday gifts during the winter months, seize the moments to help out in the community while raising money at the same time!

Never Give Up: It’s easy to get discouraged if you don’t raise as much money as anticipated. Don’t “call it quits” after one event. It’s important to plan several different fundraising events. You’d rather end up with more finances available to your team than come up short. Remember, it’s not just about raising money for your team; it’s also about the invaluable reward of getting to help in your community and understanding the importance of support.

Follow Up: Handwritten thank you notes go a long way. It feels good to feel appreciated, so make sure to acknowledge the selfless efforts of those that have supported you and your team. Let them know how much money your team raised and where the money will be spent. This builds relationships of trust and respect. Go the extra mile, and send out public “Thank Yous” via social media!

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