UCA & UDA 2017

UCA & UDA 2017

All About All-American

Calling all cheerleaders and dancers! Are you going to camp this summer?  Then it’s time to consider trying out for All-American. Do you know what skills you perform and how to really shine during tryouts?

Keep reading for all the advice you need!

All About All-American

Before you decide to try out for All-American, it is important to see if you are eligible and what it entails. All senior cheerleaders attending UCA Camp are able to tryout. If there are no seniors or less than 6, a maximum of six members total from your squad may be nominated, so be sure to talk to your coach. Everyone that chooses to try out will perform a jump and the All-American cheer. Females who try out will perform the Xtreme routine dance and the males will do a stunt of their choice.

All About the Skills

As stated earlier, you will show off your skills with a jump, cheer, and either Xtreme Routine dance or stunt. Below are a few tips for each skill!

Jump - Make sure when preforming your jump, you use the UCA technique you learned earlier in the week during Jump class. The UCA Staff will be looking for proper arm placement, pointed toes, and strong height. Be sure to keep your chest up too and smile!

Cheer - The All-American cheer will be taught on the first day of camp so you will have plenty of time to practice and perfect everything. Be sure to talk to your coach about which mascot and colors you are to use, either the UCA mascot and colors or the ones from your own school. Focus on the little details like punching your motions, saying the words strong, and as always smile and be confident.

Dance - Just like the All-American cheer, you will learn the Xtreme routine dance on the first day of camp so you will have a bunch of time to work on it. Don't let the speed of the music or the stress of the tryout make you nervous! Even if you miss a motion it is OK, just be extra sharp the entire time and remember the more you practice the more confident you will be.

Stunt - All of the males trying out for All-American have the awesome opportunity to show off their skills with a stunt of their choice! When choosing what stunt to show, remember that difficulty is not everything, focus on cleanliness and something you know will hit. Not sure which stunt to show? Ask the UCA Staff for advice!

All About the Award

The selection process is complete and the awards have been given out, congratulations, you have been given the prestigious honor of All-American! Now what?

Check out the All-American Info right here on Varsity.com to see which special event you qualify for! Once again, this is a prestigious honor and you should be very proud of your achievements. If you didn't get selected this year, think about how much confidence you gained from the tryout process and that you have so many other things to be proud of that you achieved during UCA camp.