2016 NCA Senior & Jr. High School National Championship

2016 NCA Senior & Jr. High School National Championship

HSN Inspired

We all have a special someone who has been instrumental in our journey. At the 2016 Senior & Junior High School National Championship, athletes, coaches and spectators were given a chance to recognize their inspirations.

Participants received two cards: one to post on the NCA Inspiration Board and one to gift to that influential soul.

The initial message outlined a response, but each card was quite unique. Participants used their imaginations, filling in the blanks with powerful words and creating special stories.  


Your biggest fans – they sometimes test you, but only want the best for you.


Your rock – they give you a thick skin, but forever have your back.


Your motivators – they push you out of your comfort zone and believe that you’re capable of greatness.


Your encouragers – they fuel your imagination and stand beside you always.


Your second family – they share your passion and work with you to break boundaries.

The final product was an incredible sight, as cards of thanks covered every inch and love poured over the edges.

Ultimately, the board teaches us many things. But above all – it reminds us to appreciate our supporters. We all have a hero – someone who assumes every role with strength and puts our welfare before his or her own. One small compliment goes a long way. And, thankful hearts make the world a more beautiful place.