Hear Them Roar

Hear Them Roar

Close your eyes for a second and picture your school mascot. Now, have you ever thought about your mascot being a male or a female? Chances are—unless your school’s mascot is an inanimate object like the Syracuse Orange—your mascot is a guy!

Recently, Varsity was updating their catalog of mascots and realized that not only were mascots a little old-school, they were all pretty much hostile, angry-looking and male.

At this year’s Olympics, there were more American women participating in the London Games then American men for the first time in our history. Don’t you think it’s time for women to claim leadership in the mascot zone as well?

If you Google “school mascots” or even specific mascots like “pirates” or “Spartans” or even “bears,” what you find are male oriented mascots with hulking muscles, fangs, or claws, all of which embody intimidation and aggression and maybe even violence.

What does the future of mascots look like? Female mascots will have a true visual impact – but also an emotional and social impact on girls of all ages and all sports. We want to see a future where mascots celebrate the qualities of strength, power and leadership all female athletes embody —including cheerleaders—as well as all of the characteristics of athletes that don’t always get highlighted, like grace, support, enthusiasm, optimism and trust. 

Someday soon, maybe as soon as next year, even—we hope you can Google mascots and see double the results – with male mascots and female mascots side by side. Imagine a future filled with jerseys, and trophies and banners and flags filled with images of both male and female mascots.

This year, female athletes tackle the trophy case….next year, what else can female athletes accomplish?


Submit your design for a Female Mascot to us to win a t-shirt with your design on it! Submission instructions:

Submit a drawing of a female mascot, or a male and female mascot together. We will pick our top 5 favorites and host an online vote to determine the winner. Winner will receive 10 t-shirts to share with teammates and friends. Send all submissions to contest@varsityspirit.com