Varsity Spirit Fashion

Varsity Spirit Fashion

Caitlin Cofield at 4:05pm 08/31/2016
Caitlin Cofield at 4:05pm 08/31/2016

How To Share Your #VarsityReveal

New school year, new season, new style! Have a new team uniform your squad is excited to show off? Don’t just post it, host it! Create fan excitement about your new team look and share the meaning and mission of your spirit program with fans to engage with! We call this type of showcase a Varsity Reveal!

How do you plan a new signature look that your fans will love? Simple – it requires just a little planning to get started. Of your three main school or team colors, pick a school or program-wide color for each team to sport as their “main” base color this season. For example, if your football team wants a new tough-looking Charcoal Grey jersey for the season, then encourage every team at your school to “Go Grey”.  (Tip: Charcoal Grey is a perfect neutral to complement just about any school colors, and it’s very on-trend with college programs across the country.) The band, dance teams and fans can even join in to make a statement at your opening game.

 Once you’ve selected your main color, it’s time to call your rep and schedule a 1-on-1 design session with a live virtual preview, so you can see your ideas come to life on screen. Add the same custom logo that your other teams are using to show a unified and signature look for your school that fans and visitors will remember.

When your new uniforms arrive, plan with the other teams the perfect game or competition to reveal your look together. This will be a perfect chance to unite all school athletes and organizations to work together and show pride in your school in a fun new way. Host a fashion show, like Pittsburgh, or set up a photoshoot like other teams.

Next order of business: Social Media. Share your uniform with the world and get all of your fans excited for the new season with sneak peeks. When you post your new uniform, be sure to use the hashtag #VarsityReveal, so we can see and share. You can find examples of great team poses and photography by joining the conversation and community on Twitter and Instagram as well! Here are several tips when sharing your new look.

1. Give the uniform a name. Pittsburgh revealed a returning throwback logo, and each team from their university used the hashtag #Pittscript, so fans could see and share each look up close.

2. Share with your fans the meaning behind the new look, and what it means to you to represent your school or gym with this new uniform. Each athlete can even share what it means to them personally for a cool way to highlight your team members.

4. Show off your favorite custom parts of the uniform. Is there a new logo on the back or a special design on the sleeve that makes the uniform a new team favorite? Share it with your fans to let them know which designs and features are one-of-a-kind and unique identifiers of your team and your look.

Whether you’re a school or all star team, we LOVE to see and be inspired by your unique designs and team styles each season. Don’t forget to share your #VarsityReveal with us this season. Follow @VarsityFashions and @VASF_Updates on Twitter and Instagram to see and share new, fabulous featured #VarsityReveal uniforms every week!