Varsity Spirit Fashion

Varsity Spirit Fashion

5 Ways PowerFit is Changing the Game

4-Way Stretch

Athletes today need more performance-ready apparel and gear than ever before. As skill levels continue to increase on the sideline and the mat, cheerleaders need more from their uniforms. With dozens of games, several big competitions and all of the community events along the way, your uniform should be ready to flex and form with you. Powerfit™ is engineered to stretch in each section of your custom look. From 360 degrees of stretch to the extra flexible fabric in the braiding, this uniform fabric is designed to perform flawlessly with you and not restrict your skills!

Tech Savvy

There’s no denying that these uniforms were designed for cheerleaders by cheerleaders themselves. Who knows us better than, well…us? This exclusive fabric is built to outlast sweat and stains in the heat on football Fridays and the work put in on the competition mat. Powerfit™ features VISA® moisture wicking technology that keeps your uniform drier and fresher than any other uniform. The additional fiber technology in this fabric allows for flexibility while still staying true to its original shape and form.

Total Flexibility

Powerfit™ features Stretch Striping and coated fabric lettering. To the average person, these terms may not mean much, but to the athlete, we all know that as we grow to need support, flexibility and comfort from our uniforms for a strong performance, your lettering and braiding along those signature lines on your arms, neckline and shoulders is prepared to stretch and provide strong support for you as an athlete.


The strength and longevity of the uniform you choose is absolutely the most important factor in the selection process. Varsity Powerfit™ maintains its original vibrant coloring wash after wash, and is low-maintenance when it comes to taking great care of your uniform. A signature look requires consistency and the mark of a leader. The “V” on the bottom corner of your Powerfit™ uniform is our mark of pride in giving you a look your team will wear season after season.

Your Unique Colors & Sizes

Your school and squad deserve a one-of-a-kind look. We pride ourselves in knowing that we have an incredible squad ourselves of qualified and certified Varsity reps in your local area who are ready to give your team a truly signature Powerfit™ look so that your squad can be proud of the unique and original logo or school name across your uniform. In a quick free consultation, your Varsity rep will present live on-screen previews of your next uniform based on what you imagine and need. Your local rep has a full set of all sizes and lengths of Powerfit™ so your entire team of unique figures and heights can feel the fabric’s difference themselves and get the absolutely perfect size for them each season. And trust me, you will FEEL Powerfit™ difference.