2014 NCA Tryout Packet

2014 NCA Tryout Packet

2014 NCA Tryout Packet

For a DVD of this Tryout Packet, contact your NCA State Director .

Click here to access the Tryout Packet Forms. (Downloadable ZIP Folder of the PDFs)


Video Tips

  • If you push the "play video" button, the videos will play in order. You'll notice a "channel" button appear once the videos are playing. Click on this to select the exac video you want to view. To scroll up and down through the videos, hover your mouse and the bottom of the video listing within the player. Click on the video you wish to view.
  • You can expand the video to full screen by clicking on the expand button in the bottom right corner of the player once a video is selected.

Videos of the following can be found in the players above:


  • NCA Chant - Front
  • NCA Chant - Back
  • NCA Cheer - Front
  • NCA Cheer - Back


  • NCA Cheer Dance - Front
  • NCA Cheer Dance - Back
  • NCA Cheer Dance Short - Front
  • NCA Cheer Dance Short - Back