Ashley's 2010 Macy's Thanksgiving Blog

Ashley's 2010 Macy's Thanksgiving Blog

Day 6 Parade Day!

Happy Thanksgiving! 4:30 AM is the exact time that I am already calling my cheerleaders to wake them up. We have to meet at 6:15 AM in the Grand Ballroom to rehearsal and talk about the day. The cheerleaders and dancers look super cute in their hot pink uniforms trimmed in blue and green. and their white bows complete their outfits.  While many of the chaperones are dressed in the uniform, too, I'm in a red coat and black swishy pants. This leaves me half wanting to wear the awesome neon pink uniform...

We've been through the subway stations as a giant group before, but today things were a bit strange. On Thanksgiving the trains run differently than they usually do and there was no way of telling what the exact train schedule would be until we were on the platform. After we had shuffled to one station, we had to go to another station to get to 81st Street (where the parade starts). Was this subway station close? Nope! Did we walk there? Nope! We ran! Once we got to the next station everything was back on track!

We arrive to our holding area before we enter the street to our marching spot. As we were waiting, Jimmy Fallon (most known for his long run on SNL), got off of his Macy's train themed float and sang with us! It was so much fun! We also got to see where the giant parade balloons entered the parade.

The cheerleaders and dancers were so excited about starting the line of march, that they weren't even bothered by the 40-something degree weather. Then, with a wave of a hand from a parade official, we are moving as fast as we can to line up in the enormous formation. Within minutes, it was time to start! For the next 30 blocks we walk, the cheerleaders and dancers cheer and chant while pumping up the crowd lining the streets. We walk by Central Park, take a turn and walk straight through Times Square, and finish by walking near Bryant Park to Herald Square.

As the cheerleaders and dancers wait on deck to perform, you can feel their excitement! Smiles and laughter fill the air, and you can't help by smile, too. Then with a loud "GO!" they all sprint to their spots. It seems like forever until the music starts, but I know it was only seconds. The first note of the music starts the pom shimmy and the performance swings into full gear. The routine is awesome! Everyone was sharp and so much fun to watch. The chaperones did their stunts in the back- they were great! Before you can even turn to the person next to you to say, "Oh my gosh, that was amazing," we were running down 34th Street away from Macy's and back to the subway.

My last full day in the great city of New York winds down to a slow hault as we make it back from the parade and meet as a group for the last time. I had so much fun on this trip. I was sad to see my entire group, "The Best Group Ever," for the last time. A group hug sealed our week of fun together. We have our Wrap Up meeting later in the evening and watch the performance as seen on NBC. It was a wonderful closing to a fantastic week. 

This the last article that I'm writing for the 2010 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and before I close it out, I want to give some shout outs! Michelle Edwards- Thank you so much for coordinating and directing this entire week, we appreciate everything that you have done for us! Spirit of America Operational Staff- We enjoyed your upbeat way of guiding us in the right direction throughout NYC! Varsity Spirit Chaperones- Each of you were phenomenal leaders this week and made this one of the best trips I have ever been on. Cheerleaders and Dancers- You were so much fun to work with and we are so proud of your awesome performance!

So, that's it! See you later NYC! Make sure you visit Varsity's Facebook page to see some videos from the week. Don't forget to look at all the pictures in the galleries, too!