LSU Cheerleader

LSU Cheerleader

When Tyler Biers-Buentello was young he never in his wildest dreams thought that one day he would be cheering on the sidelines at a LSU football game.

In high school, Tyler played football at Dripping Springs and appreciated the cheerleaders on the sideline, but he never imagined that he would ever be cheering on the players himself. Then one night his whole life changed in the blink of an eye.

It happened on Trautwein Road, when Tyler swerved to miss a fallen tree and ended up in the water. After the crash the doctors had to amputate his leg and Tyler knew his life would never be the same. After the surgery and his new prosthesis he was down in the dumps, and that’s when he turned to the one thing he knew was full of positive energy – cheerleading.

Tyler tried out for the LSU cheerleading team, and made it. It took a lot of hard work and dedication for Tyler to make one of the top cheerleading teams in the country, but he did it and couldn’t be any prouder of himself. It took a lot of drive for Tyler to get involved with a sport he knew so little about, but now he is doing tumbling passes and rewinds with the best of them! We can all be inspired by Tyler’s hard work and dedication.

Tyler Biers-Buentello overcame his tragedy by trying out for the LSU Cheerleading Team. With a lot of hard work and dedication, he made the cheer squad and it has changed his lift ever since.