All-American Cheerleaders and Dancers

All-American Cheerleaders and Dancers

Join the All-American Event on Facebook!

Did you make All-American this year at cheerleading or dance camp? Maybe you haven’t tried out for All-American yet, but you feel you have a pretty good chance of making it? has just the Facebook event to join for All-Americans for the 2009 season!

You should wear All-American title with pride! Being an All-American is one of the highest awards an individual can achieve in cheerleading. Each summer at UCA, UDA, NCA, NDA, and USA camps, thousands of cheerleaders and dancers try out for the All-American title, but only 10 percent are chosen! If you are one of the small ten percent, you will want to shout to the world, “I made All-American!” It truly is a great honor!

So, if you made All-American this summer, let it be known! Show everyone on Facebook by joining Varsity’s All-American event. By joining this event, you will not only let others know you are an All-American, but you can join other All-Americans on Facebook and Varsity will send you All-American updates throughout the year, which includes All-American advice, information about the holiday parades, and where to shop for All-American gear!

If you are an All-American, jump right into the only event on Facebook for this incredible honor! Visit the Varsity Facebook Page to join!