Cheer Ltd. Nationals at CANAM

3/21/20 – 3/22/20
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

About the Cheer Ltd. Nationals at CANAM

Cheer Ltd. has worked for 32 years to make the sport of cheerleading safe, professional, and a passion – A SPIRITED TRADITION!  The Cheer Ltd. teams strives to provide EACH AND EVERY athlete an experience that will be remembered – ALWAYS AND FOREVER!  Cheer Ltd. is proud to be the company to bring to you Cheer Ltd. Nationals at CANAM.  Many wonder why the name “CANAM” was chosen.  In 1988 when Cheer Ltd. opened its doors, the plan was to hold an International Championship between USA and Canadian teams.  The first ever CANAM was held in Canada and the second was held in Myrtle Beach, SC.  The original plan was to alternate between Canada and the USA, but after the 2nd Annual “CANAM Challenge Cup” in Myrtle Beach, the choice was made to make Myrtle Beach, SC home to CANAM!  For the past 32 years, and many more to come, Cheer Ltd. Nationals at CANAM – TRIED AND TRUE will be the best competition weekend in Myrtle Beach!  Sand, surf, fun, and amazing competition…what more could any athlete ask for?

The Best at the Beach

Why Choose CANAM?

  • We’re known to be right on time…ask anyone!
  • Scheduled warm-up-coaches & competitors are greeted by an ambassador and directed through plenty of warm up!
  • Low stress pre-performance rotation.
  • Indoor warm-up…the same type of cheer floor on which you compete – in a bigger Arena now!
  • Non-stop action in two Arenas!  D1 and D2 AS split . . . Scholastic and Rec focus fully on Friday and Saturday morning!  Collegiate on Friday!  Dance in the ballroom for a more intimate setting to soak in the atmosphere of dance!
  • Everyone is treated equally…school, recreation, collegiate, dance, and all stars.
  • Concerns addressed…scoresheet protocol in place so you can speak to a judging official promptly after your request is made.

Coaches Cheer About...

  • Industry-standard scoring streamlined judging system! Varsity scoresheet for all stars and dance and UCA scoresheet for school and recreation.
  • Organized and on-time…the best in the business!
  • Coach friendly communication…updates and information sent from the time of registration all the way through to the event.
  • Final coaches meetings throughout the day on Friday to fit into any schedule!

Cheer Ya'll Pep Rally

CANAM Roaring 20’s Pep Rally 2020!

Join us Friday, March 20, 2020 (see all the 20’s – get the Roaring 20’s theme now?!) in Arena B of the Myrtle Beach Convention Center for a fantastic kick-off celebration to the competition weekend!  There will be a jump-off, tumble-off, parent performances, dancing, games and some amazing giveaways! Dress in your most fun 20’s attire (think flapper and suit-like) and join us for lots of laughs and fun!  Limbo contest will be a blast!

Cost is FREE for all athletes and coaches (but we would love you to donate a few dollars as well)!  Cost for parents and fans will be a minimum of $1 donation that will go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital!

Click here – Pep Rally 2020 Info to learn about the Jump & Tumble Off, Lip Sync Battle, Open College Championship & More!

CANAM Crazies


The Cheer Ltd. CANAM Crazies/Sportsmanship Award was established by Cheer Ltd. to celebrate the best fans and sportsmanship in cheerleading.  Sportsmanship, creativity and energy are the keys to winning the coveted CANAM Crazies/Sportsmanship Award and the parents/fans as well as our CANAM teams have a great time applying all three as they plan costumes, make posters, design banners, welcome other teams, and show their true spirit and pride.  Fans and athletes are observed and evaluated all weekend!

The event staff from Cheer Ltd. Nationals at CANAM will observe the athletes and coaches and fans throughout Friday and Saturday during the event, out around the city, in the elevators, at the hotels (wherever our staff happen to be they will be looking) for those programs and teams that display sportsmanship…ALWAYS!  Event staff will vote on Saturday for their pick of the best based on their observation.

Additionally, on Saturday of the event, one event staff will be stationary in both competition arenas to observe the CANAM Crazies – Fans that show their spirit and pride from miles away!  The “judge” in an arena (B and C) will decide on the top three of the best FANS in the STANDS!

Between the voting of the event staff and the judge for CANAM Crazies, the Cheer Ltd. administration team will tally and report the top three teams/programs (from each Arena) that are in contention for the CANAM Crazies and Sportsmanship Award!  Top three finalists from each location will be posted at 9:00 AM on the big screens!

During an award ceremony (particular award ceremony will be determined closer to the event)  the top three will be called out again and the winner announced!  The parents, fans, and athletes will be awarded $250 cash and the CANAM Crazies Cup!

Click here to view our Creativity Guidelines!

2020 Championship Information

Championship Pricing

Pricing Information – After opening the link, click on More Info to the right of the event.  It will then expand to show the CANAM pricing.

Bids Awarded

Cheer Ltd Nationals at CANAM is proud to offer bids to multiple End of Season Championships!

  • The Summit – 3 Paid Bids, 6 At-Large Bids, 4 Int. Division At-Large Bids
  • The D2 Summit – 3 Paid Bids, 6 At-Large Bids
  • The Dance Summit – 2 At-Large Bids
  • The Cheerleading Worlds – 2 Paid Bids, 5 At-Large Bids — Worlds Bid Intent Form

Housing Requirments

This event is a Stay Smart Tier 1 Event. Click Here for more info on our Stay Smart Housing Program (Tier 1).

Book the Sheraton
Book Other hotel now


Here are a few questions that are typically asked!  If you have any additional questions, please contact Nationals Director, Lori Wickham at  or 1-910-605-2507.

Is Cheer Ltd Nationals at CANAM a Stay Smart Event?
Cheer Ltd Nationals at CANAM is a Stay Smart Tier 1 Event!  Please click here for more information about Stay Smart.

Where is the Myrtle Beach Convention Center located?
2101 North Oak Street; Myrtle Beach, SC 29578.  You can visit their website here.

Can I pre-purchase admission tickets?
 Tickets must be purchased on site at the convention center ticket booth or on-line. At the event, multi-day tickets can be purchased so spectators do not have to stand in line each day!

How much do spectator tickets cost?

  • Weekend Pass – Adults = $ 55;
  • Daily Rate – Adults = $ 20;
  • Child (10 & under) Free

Do parents pay for the pep rally?
Parents are asked to make a minimum of a $1 donation for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for entry into the Cheer It is a Roaring 20’s theme this year so grab your suit or flapper gear and get ready for some fun!

What rules do scholastic teams follow? 
AACCA Rules and Guidelines with some limitations for Junior High and Middle School teams listed under “F. Tosses”.

What rules do recreation teams follow?
Click here to learn about Varsity Youth/Rec Scoring & Divisions.

What rules do all star cheer and dance teams follow?  
United States All-Star Federation Rules(USASF). View the Varsity All Star Scoring System here.

What rules do Collegiate Cheer and Dance Teams follow?
College cheer teams are expected to follow AACCA Collegiate Rules and Guidelines (AACCA). View the Cheer Ltd Collegiate Cheerleading Scoring Grids here; Dance click here.

When are awards held?
Open Collegiate Championships and Collegiate Dance Nationals Awards will be held on Friday, March 20, 2020 at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center.  Traditional Recreation, Scholastic, Novice and Prep awards are held throughout the day on Saturday, March 21, 2020.  All Star team awards are held throughout the day on Sunday, March 22, 2020. The competition schedule will be posted to the web approximately March 16, 2020.

What is the practice like for Cheer Ltd. Nationals at CANAM?
Team CANAM wants all teams to have as much practice as possible.  With that said, there are over 7000 competitors that all want to practice!  Cheer Ltd. has a warm up arena that has scheduled times for practice before you actually compete.  Nobody is allowed into this practice facility other than coaches and participants.  This is a closed area dedicated to practice and “getting it together mentally” before a team competes.  Each team has times allotted in their rotation. If there is any available additional practice time, Cheer Ltd will communicate that to the coaches closer to the event.  If a team seeks additional time, they should reach out to gyms and programs in the Myrtle Beach area.

Is there food sold at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center?
Yes.  The snack bars as well as assorted kiosks are set up throughout the weekend for spectators and competitors. 

Do you have wheelchair access for those with physical disabilities?
We do not provide wheelchairs, but if a spectator has a wheelchair and requires help to see the competition, the arena facilitator will gladly help assist them to the proper location.

Is Cheer Ltd. Nationals at CANAM an “Open” event?
Yes for All Stars, Dance, Special Athletes, Recreation, School and Collegiate teams. Although some School teams are required by their administration to qualify at a Cheer Ltd PreState, NCHSAA or a One Day Championship, UCA Championship or by video qualification.  Defending champions receive an automatic defending champion bid to defend their title. Special sanctioned competitions and videos bids are also available. For more information on qualification and bid events, contact Cheer Ltd at 910-605-2507.

Are there refunds given?
All deposits are non-refundable and no refunds for any reason are given after December 31.

Are hover boards or similar allowed?
For the safety of participants and attendees at our events, Cheer Ltd does not allow the use of “Hover Boards, “Razor Scooters”, RipStiks”, “Skateboards” or any similar wheeled conveyances outside the competition venue or inside the competition venue or in the pre-function space.  The only wheeled conveyances allowed will be those that have been deemed medically necessary for the individual using it (wheelchairs, medical knee walkers, etc).


With over 5000 athletes and 12,000 fans visiting the Myrtle Beach Convention Center for a weekend – you can’t afford to miss this opportunity!  Many options for any business!  Advertise with us on the JUMBOSCREENS inside the competition arenas, purchase a booth space and sell directly to the athletes and parents; or do both!  The possibilities are all there – but you must grab them!  Click here for the 2020 Advertising Packet to see what Cheer Ltd. has to offer for advertisers and vendors, or contact Pam Williams at

Outdoor Booth Space
Vendors will be outside for CANAM 2020!  We have ordered sunny and 80 degrees!  Vendor booths will be under the Myrtle Beach Convention Center overhang where athletes and fans mingle, relax, and shop!

Carolina Convention Services & Rentals
Carolina Convention Services is the proud decorator of Cheer Ltd. Nationals at CANAM.  Carolina Convention Services will provide all pipe and drape, tables, chairs, and additional services that a vendor may need.  Carolina Convention & Services is the best in the business!  Check out their FaceBook page!

With so many choices in Myrtle Beach, make sure our parents and athletes know about YOUR business!  Advertising options are available for the JUMBOSCREENS inside the competition arenas.  In addition, with your purchase of an ad on the screens, you are welcome to bring a mascot or a representative to the CANAM Roaring 20’s Pep Rally on Friday, March 20th and hand out coupons!


*Vendor spaces are sold on a first come-first served basis.  Registration form and deposit (half of amount due) are required to secure your location.  All deposits are non-refundable.  Payments are refunded (less deposit) until December 31, 2019. If you are unable to attend after you register and pay in full, your vendor fee will be forfeited.  NO REFUNDS. Vendors will be copied on coaches updates sent in January, February, and March. Vendor Update will be emailed in March with specific information. Ads for JUMBOSCREENS need to be submitted in high resolution jpg and pdf format no later than February 1, 2020.  Please submit to Lori Wickham – 

Photo Gallery

2019 Championship Results


Click here to view the Final Results from CANAM 2019.

Worlds Bid Winners

PAID – Cheer Extreme Raleigh – Cougar Coed – Level 5 Senior Open – Small Coed

PAID – Rockstar Cheer Rolling Stones – Level 5 International Global Coed

AT-LARGE – Legends Cheer Elite Atlas – Level 5 International Open Coed Non-Tumbling

AT-LARGE – Victory! Allstars Platinum – Level 5 Senior COed XSmall

AT-LARGE – Buffalo Envy Allstars Lady Elite – Level 5 Senior XSmall

AT-LARGE – World Class Athletics PCB: Black Diamonds – Level 5 Senior Coed XSmall

AT-LARGE – Dream ALLstars Eternity – Level 5 Senior Open – Large Coed

Summit Bid Winners

PAID – Cheer Extreme Raleigh – Cougar Coed – Level 5 Senior Open – Small Coed

PAID – Diamonds Allstars BLack – L5 Sr Rest 

PAID- ATA Nitro – L4 Senior Medium

PAID – Rockstar Cheer Charleston Outkast – L1 Youth

AT-LARGE – ATA Steel – L3 Junior Medium

AT-LARGE – Diamonds Allstars Sassycats – L2 Junior Small

AT-LARGE – Cheer Extreme Roanoke Emeralds – L3 Junior Small

AT-LARGE – Diamonds Allstars Sugar – L2 Senior Small

AT-LARGE – Rockstar Cheer Atlanta East Three 6 Mafia – Int. L4OC

AT-LARGE – Buffalo Envy All Stars J31 -Int. L3J

AT-LARGE – Buffalo Envy All Stars J2- Int. L2J

AT-LARGE – Charlotte Allstar Steel – Int. L4J

D2 Summit Bid Winners

PAID – Cheer Craze All Stars Quad-Squad – L4.2 Senior Coed

PAID – Cheer Craze All Stars J Crew – L2 Junior 

PAID – Cheer Craze All Stars J-WOW – L1 Junior

AT-LARGE – Punchfront Cheer Rampage – L4SC

AT-LARGE – Cheer South All Stars L3 Junior – L3J

AT-LARGE – Cheer Empire Lady Elite – L3S

AT-LARGE – World Class Athletics PCB Jade – L1J

AT-LARGE – Turners All Stars Fuchsia – L2Y

Dance Summit Bid Winners

PAID – GU Allstars – Junior Hip Hop

AT-LARGE – Quest Studio – Junior Coed Hip Hop

AT-LARGE – Quest Studio – Junior Variety

AT-LARGE – Quest Studio – Junior Coed Variety

U.S. Finals Bid Winners

Cheer Craze All Stars Tiny Raze – L1 Tiny D2

Turners All Stars Magenta – L1 Mini D2

Spirit Factory Mini Aqua 0 L1 Mini D2

Rockstar Cheer Goo Goo Dolls – L1.1 Mini Prep

ACX Divas – L3.2 Junior Prep

Kedron Galaxy – L2 Junior Club

Kedron Odyssey – L2 Senior Club

Gannon University – Open Variety

East Carolina Club – Open Jazz

University of Guelph – Large Collegiate

Limestone College – Small Coed Collegiate

Johnstown Senior Rec – Senior Advanced

Broughton HS – Large Varsity D1

Hilton HS – Open Varsity