#SummerToSidelines: Cheer and Dance and Band, Oh My!

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With summer behind us and football season in full swing, we are encouraging schools to collaborate with their entire spirit program to make the best Game Day experience possible! Here are three ideas to incorporate your school’s cheer, dance, and band programs together in order to make Friday nights unforgettable.

  1. Band Chant: Remember that Band Chant you learned at NCA or NDA camp? Now is the time to perform it! Have your coach connect with the band director at your school to set up a specific quarter in the game to play “Land of a Thousand Dances” or “Dr. Who”. Set up a practice with both cheer and dance to perfect those ripples and motions to perform it on the sidelines! You can even ask for a recording from the band playing that song to make sure that you have the exact music they will play on Friday nights.
  2. Switch it Up: Ever attempted to play the drums? Has your band ever danced in front of a crowd? Choose a time between quarters to switch up the roles and have fun doing something new! During a practice time, get together with your band and teach them a simple sideline dance while they teach you how to hold a steady drum beat. When it comes Friday night, pass off your poms for some drumsticks and see what it’s like on the other side of the stadium!
  3. Parading Pre-Game: Before a big rivalry game, have all spirit programs meet in the school parking lot to decorate cars, paint students’ faces, take pictures with the mascot, and perform the fight song all together. Getting all spirit programs and the student body involved in this exciting pre-game tradition will get everyone pumped for the game! Once all attendees are decked out in school colors, head over to the stadium. Whether your walking or driving, be sure to chant, sing, and holler the entire way!

We love to see teams continue to use the material they used at NCA and NDA camp on the sidelines! Be sure to use the hashtag #SummerToSidelines in your next game day video for the chance to be featured on our official social media accounts!

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