2013 UCA Summer Cheerleading Camps

2013 UCA Summer Cheerleading Camps

UCA Summer Camp- Oh the Options!

UCA Summer Camp Going strong since 1974, UCA Summer Camps are a powerful tradition. Since the beginning, UCA instructors have come together to teach with one goal in mind- to inspire leadership on and off the field. Over the past 3 decades, UCA summer camps have stayed true to UCA's core philosophy while innovating new curriculums along the way!

Today, UCA offers over 14 cheerleading camp types, with nearly 1,000 summer camp sessions to choose from! Knowing the difference in each camp type's curriculum makes it easier to narrow down which is the best option for your squad. Check out some of UCA's top options below:

Overnight Cheerleading Camp - 4 Day / 3 Night:
This camp provides the most comprehensive cheerleading instruction and the best bonding experience for squads of all levels! It's UCA's most popular type of summer camp and is usually held at a state university. The camp is 4 days and 3 nights, offering you a variety of classes and programs. Coaches Programs, Daily Evaluations, All-American selections, Game Day Class, daily one on one instruction with the UCA staff & a rockin Pep Rally are just a few of the exciting components in the classic Overnight Camp!

Traditional Home Camp:
Same material as our Overnight camps, but UCA instructors come to you. This camp covers all aspects of your cheer season from stunts, dances, jumps, cheers & sidelines and much, much more.

Learn to stunt at UCA cheer camp! Stunt Camp Schedule:
For competitive teams interested in a stunt and performance focused camp. Curriculum is based on creative stunts, transitions, and performance for all levels! Special classes include: Strength and conditioning, stunt technique and timing, stretching and flexibility.

Resort Camps:
UCA Resort Camps are fun for the whole family. They offer the same great cheer program as UCA Overnight Camps, with some extra added fun. Your squad will have time to relax and enjoy different things like the ocean, waterpark, or roller coasters! Resort Camps are held at fun locations like Panama City Beach, Los Angeles, and Great Wolf Lodge locations.

Day Camp:
Very similar to our traditional Overnight Camps, including the UCA program and incredible UCA staff, with the added convenience of staying at home. These camps are commuter-only and usually held at a school or gym. Squads drive to and from camp each day.

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