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The 3 Essential B's -- Bows, Briefs, and Bags

Competition season is officially here, and whether you’re traveling to competitions nearby or far away, you need to be prepared! We’ve all had that nightmare the night before a trip where we keep worrying that we left something out of our cheer bag or suitcase. Put your mind at rest with a few simple tips on how to get your team looking competition-ready with the three essential B’s – Bows, Briefs, and Bags.

First, make sure you know exactly which uniform to bring. (When in doubt, bring all of your uniforms and practice wear to be prepared.) A secret weapon to helping your routine look clean is to make sure everyone on the team is wearing their hair styled the same way. Whether you want your hair half-up, in a high ponytail or in a low bun, make sure your hair is up and pulled away from your face! Then comes the fun part – picking out the perfect bow! From traditional colors to shimmery sequins, your look isn’t complete without an awesome bow. You can order custom bows through your local Varsity rep, or simply buy extra “Back-up” bows at our Varsity Shop to keep in your cheer bag.

Next, find the perfect briefs. A great way to look uniform and clean is by choosing briefs that match your same skirt color. Always order an extra pair in case you or your teammates forget them at home. A good way to pull your team’s look together is to match your bow to your briefs. We have tons of colors, designs and material options to choose from to make sure your ideal look is complete!

The final step is to find the perfect team bag. From backpacks to duffle bags, your team will be looking uniform and clean from the minute you step off the bus or plane. Before each competition, write out a special packing list for everyone’s cheer bag.  Make sure to include any items on the list that they could use. Here’s a sample packing list for your team:

-Uniform Top

-Uniform Skirt





-Ponytails Holders & Bobby Pins


-Energy Bars

-Water Bottle 

Whatever you decide to pack for your trip, you’ll surely be prepared for your competition season with the 3 Essential B’s – Bows, Briefs, and Bags!