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I have been cheering for 3 years of high school so far, and I plan on cheering in college. Do college cheer squads look at how many years you cheered in high school while making the decision for you to join their team?


Most schools will look at your "cheer resume" during the tryout process just to see what your background contains (school, all star, gymnastics, tumbling, etc), just as they will with your school and life background to see if you fit into their program, have made good grades in the past, etc. In short, yes, they will most likely look into it, but what you bring to the tryout with your skills and personality will be most of where their focus is.



Date posted:  11/21/2014

I'm supposed to throw my round off back handspring tuck in my routine. After that pass I do a toe touch tuck then a standing tuck.
How do I make sure that I land my standing passes without touching down?


That is a good question you have!

I am assuming you are doing all of these passes on the same strip of mat? If so, this can be a little tricky. Because if you are using true form, it is very difficult for someone to fit all of this into one panel.

A few suggestions: I would work on short steps into the running tumbling pass and really make the hurdle into the round off reach up instead of out in front of you. This will save you a few feet on the running pass. And like in all tucks, be sure you are setting straight up to your ears so that the tuck has minimal travel distance. Technically, a toe back should not really travel at all if you are doing it properly. Any form of standing tuck should travel straight up and land in the spot you took off from. Much harder when you are adding skills before it due to the momentum you are creating.

So.. To summarize- work on the set of your tucks so that there is minimal travel and maximum height!

Good luck!
-Josh McCurdy

Date posted:  10/15/2014

How do you clean your cheer shoes? 


Check out this great article on How to Keep You Cheer Shoes Pearly White. 

Date posted:  10/13/2014

I'm taking over as a Sponsor for a High School cheerleading squad. This squad has no spirit and no traditions. What would be some fun cute ideas for me to incorporate for this upcoming year? 


The Library has a great section on Team Building and Team Bonding, use these to get your team to work and grow together for the season:

For creating and growing traditions for games and within the community, try creating fun interactions with your crowd and audiences. From there see which ones are favorites and develop those into full fledged traditions! Sometimes it just takes some time to set in.

Date posted:  07/02/2014
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